Top 8 Best Women’s Devotional Bibles

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Women’s devotional Bibles have helped a lot of women to develop a meaningful relationship with the word of God.

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A devotional bible is a bible that contains supplementary devotional material.

Women's Devotional Bibles

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The supplementary devotional material includes stories and anecdotes, aimed at helping you apply scripture to your daily life.

A women’s devotional bible is just a devotional bible with supplementary material written specifically for women.

In this article, we are going to analyze the top 8 women’s devotional bibles in the world today, in an attempt to expose you to the array of options you have.

This way, you can pick a Christian bible that not only meets your spiritual needs but also speaks to your personal preference.

But before we go down that road, here’s the difference between devotional Bibles and study Bibles.


Devotional Bibles vs Study Bibles

Often, devotional bibles are mistaken for study bibles and vice versa because they both have additional content.

However, the additional content of each bible is aimed at fulfilling different needs. The supplementary content in devotional bibles is aimed at helping you apply scripture to your life.

The supplementary content in Christian study bibles, on the other hand, is aimed at clarifying the biblical text and its historical context.

However, some devotional bibles also contain the same materials as study bibles and can be used as both.

Devotional Bible reading is quite different from regular Christian bible study.

Christian bible study expands your biblical literacy, as you cover large passages and try to understand the biblical context of things. It is more of an academic exercise.

Devotional Bible reading, on the other hand, edifies your spirit and helps you build intimacy with God.

Devotional Bible reading includes reading, prayer, response, and listening. The only must-have for devotional bible reading is a bible, preferably a devotional one.

How to select the best women’s devotional Bible for yourself (what to look for)

Since devotional bible reading is not a one-time thing, it’s essential to make it a part of your daily routine.

You can do this by purchasing a devotional bible with a reading plan that fits easily into your daily routine.

Language Style

You should always take into consideration the style of English the Bible is translated into. By style, reference is being made to how simple the English used is.

For instance, the NKJV (New King James Version) Bible is a more complicated translation than the NIV (New International Version Bible) Bible or NLT Bible (New Living Translation Bible).

It is generally advisable to go for Bibles with a simpler translation for better understanding.

However, if you prefer bibles with stylistic beauty like the New King James Version Bible, you should go for it.

Consider the font

You should consider the font size of a bible especially if you have eye defects and use reading glasses.

Bibles are written in different font sizes from size 9 to 14 or even higher.

You should choose Bibles that are easy for you to read, a bible you can read without difficulty or putting a strain on your eyes.

Choosing a bible with the right font size for your eyes will help you read it frequently and regularly.

You are also more likely to understand the passages because you are focused and not struggling to read. 

Paperback or Leatherback covers

A tattered or messy-looking Bible is never a good look because the look of your bible says a lot about you as a person.

You don’t want to be the person who can’t stand up and read at church because of their tattered bible.

You also don’t want to be the person who looks careless and messy at bible study because of their messy bible.

Hence considering the material used for the cover of the bible is crucial.

Bible covers are made of two different materials; leather and paper. Leatherback Bibles are more sustainable and durable than paperback ones.

However, a paperback Bible would stand the test of time if it’s handled carefully.

Some Bibles come in both paperback and leatherbacks, you should check if the one you’re looking to purchase has the two options to choose from.

Your level of spiritual growth

A Bible is designed to serve as a guide to keep you grounded in the word and propel you towards spiritual growth.

Since this is the primary function of a bible, it is essential to identify where you are in your walk with Christ before purchasing a bible.

This way you would be better equipped to pick a bible that would meet your needs.

Some Bibles are perfect for new converts, others for the mature, some for women, others specifically for moms, etc.


Bibles differ in size and of course weight, making some easier to carry around than others. Depending on your lifestyle, it is crucial to factor in size when choosing your bible.

If you are a stay-at-home mom or you work from home a big bible might not be a problem for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t work from home and travel a lot, then a smaller and lighter bible like the ESV women’s devotional Bible will be perfect for you.

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Devotional Bibles

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Top 8 Women’s Devotional Bibles

1. The N.I.V Women’s Devotional Bible.

The N.I.V women’s Bible is the most popular translation of the N.I.V.

It was written to provide women like you with guidance, inspiration, and several candid perspectives, to enable you to apply the word to your daily life.


This women’s devotional bible features devotional passages coupled with additional scriptural readings, reflection questions, etc.

All geared towards making sure that you’re blessed with more knowledge each time you go to pick up your bible and study the word.

It contains devotionals structured to be read daily all through the year. 

Content structure

This devotional bible unlike many others structured to run a 365-day course can be used again the next year because of its multiple reading plans.

Each reading plan differs from the other and refreshes your bible reading experience each New Year.


The NIV women’s devotional bible is a bible written for women by women of God and published by Zondervan.



2. N.K.J.V Daily Devotional Bible for Women.

This N.K.J.V devotional bible for women possesses one of the most appealing physical aesthetics.

Its cover is an attractive combination of sky blue and royal purple is perfect for the Christian woman who loves to read the word in style.


The N.K.J.V devotional for women was written by a culturally diverse team of women and it easily caters to the spiritual needs of women across all ethnicities.

Its devotional content offers insight from a wide range of perspectives spanning from different ages, backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life.

It offers knowledge and insight cutting across cultures, ages, stages, and walks of life.

Content structure

The bible features a space in the margin that be used to record reading dates and the insight gathered from your reading session.

It also features a daily bible reading plan spanning 365 days, and one extended passage for each day combined with its related verse.

About the translation

The King James Version bibles are largely known for the use of Victorian English, which is stylistically beautiful but often hard to understand.

This translation, however, is quite modern and easy to understand, although it still maintains the purity and stylistic beauty of the original King James Version of the Holy Bible.



Although it is written in modern-day English, it is not completely rid of the use of the Victorian age language used in the original KJV. This might make it a bit difficult to understand.


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3. N.I.V Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women.

Life is full of ups and downs coupled with obligations, emotions, and relationships that fill our day and make life worth living.

However, once in a while life gets all too real and we feel stuck with no way out. In these moments, we search for a companion, someone to put things in perspective and show us a way out.

You will find that companion on the pages of this women’s devotional bible. 


This women’s devotional bible features daily devotionals that in-depth soul food and extreme insight into the word of God.

Each devotional is paired with an NIV Bible text to help you better apply the word and have a good grasp of it.

It’s aimed at teaching you how to strike a balance between your daily schedule and a healthy relationship with God.

Content structure

The devotionals are structured to run based on texts from genesis to revelation.

Each devotional page contains scripture references and related verses noted, as well as a preview of the verses for the next day.

The devotionals are also short and take very little time to read each day.


The devotionals in this bible were written by Lysa Terkeurst and the women at Proverbs 31 ministries.



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4. Everyday Matters Bible for Women.

This women’s devotional Bible was written to give women an enriching, invigorating, and life-changing Bible reading experience.


Its content is designed to help its readers grow spiritually. It also seeks to help them understand the word better and enable them to build a deeper relationship with Christ.

Content structure

The bible is divided into 24 main spiritual disciplines to make discussing important lessons easier.

Each discipline is discussed alongside ways you can easily apply them to daily life no matter how busy you are. It is also discussed in combination with related verses.


The additional content – articles, devotionals, reflections, question, and, answer sections – was written by both male and female contributors.

Some of them are Carolyn Custis James, Annie Dillard, Mark Buchanan, Richard J. Foster, and many other dedicated men and women of God.



Best Women's Devotional

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5. E.S.V Women’s Devotional Bible.

Perfect for Christian bible study, the ESV was created for women who want to read and better understand the books of the bible.

This women’s devotional Bible by crossway was published to nurture women and help them receive a daily dose of encouragement to enhance their relationship with Christ.

It is a devotional bible suitable for women at all stages of life.


The ESV women’s devotional bible is theologically rich in content, practical, and accessible.

It features book introductions, character sketches of key figures, all-new daily devotions, and all-new articles.

These materials are tailored to discuss how women can live by scripture in this modern are.

The contents of the ESV women’s devotional Bible are based on the original text of the Bible.

The articles running throughout the text make it a great choice for people who aim to read their bible regularly.

The online edition of this bible can be accessed by the access code that is contained in the hardcopy.


The supplementary content was written by both male and female contributors. Amongst the writers are professors, musicians, authors, counselors, homemakers, and conference speakers. 

Detailed product description. 

E.S.V Women’s Devotional Bible has a hardcover, with a cloth over board structures. The hardcover is the exact match of the reader’s edition with regards to physical appearance.

The type size is 8.5; it weighs 37.3 ounces, has a 1,664-page count, a case quantity of 16, and was published on August 29th, 2014.

Physical aesthetic

Everything within the bible is highlighted in green; section headings are in light green with a pale green highlight behind.

The titles of the devotionals and the Bible Books are also printed in green. Each devotional features a dark green border, and there are leaf and tree graphics in the green highlighted throughout the Bible. 



6. N.I.V Mom’s Devotional Bible.

In today’s world, with everyone having an opinion of what a good mom is and should look like, it could be quite confusing and scary.

This mom’s devotional bible is designed to be your companion when the noise of the world and the pressures of motherhood seem to be weighing you down.


This devotional bible was crafted from a place of in-depth spiritual insight and experience and designed to let moms know that they are not alone.

It also features content that lets them know that they are understood. The spirit-filled devotionals will meet you right where you are, either on your good days or your bad days.

The content is designed to help you find a balance between carrying your obligations and looking to the cross.

Content structure

The devotionals are structured to run for 366 days and can be used even during leap years. It features a subject index as well as author biographies. 


The N.I.V mom’s devotional bible was written by the proverbs 31 ministries women: a ministry of devout women of God.

The devotionals were put together to help you live out your full potential, grow in Christ, and be the best mom you can be.



Devotional Bibles

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7. The Women’s Devotional Guide to the Bible: A One-Year Plan for Studying, Praying and Responding to God’s Word.

We all have more than once set New Year resolutions, only to forget about them as the year begins and life unfolds.

We write our goals down with so much determination and hope, only to be disappointed at the end of the year.

As Christians, most times part of our New Year resolution includes regular Bible reading, but without a working plan, we forget and fall short.


The women’s devotional guide to the Bible gives you tools for an in-depth study, reflection, and prayer.

It also offers you a practical approach to the complexities of the Bible. Employing a method you can effectively and easily use as a part of your busy schedule.

This women’s devotional guide offers you a comprehensive overview of scripture in its fifty-two-week devotional.

It was built upon the unique five-day prayer and study formula used in her best-selling book, Women of the Bible.


This devotional guide to the Bible was written by best-selling author Jean E. Syswerda, to help you finally achieve your bible reading goal.

It provides you with a working plan to read your bible daily and also balance the ups and downs of everyday life.

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8. N.L.T THRIVE Creative Journaling Devotional Bible.

The N.L.T THRIVE creative journaling devotional Bible is perfect for women who love to write down the insight they get from studying the word.


The Bible features a devotional for each day of the year. Each one contains a related verse, writer’s reflection, and a love letter from God to you.

It also features special prayers and a treasure of truth in each devotional.


It was written by Sheri Rose to help women learn to have a flourishing relationship with God. It is designed to aid women in their pursuit of a closer and more intimate relationship with the Lord.


In Conclusion

Women’s devotional bibles are designed to help the Christian woman tackle everyday issues in a Godly way.

Nowadays with all the philosophies and theories surrounding life, the bible is the best bet for guidance. And what more? You now have a multiplicity of options to pick from.

Each devotional is written with the needs of women in mind by renowned and dedicated men and women of God.

It offers you a unique and in-depth insight into scripture and reveals God’s will for your life. It also offers you ways to apply the word to your daily life.


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