The Top 15 Best Bible Covers For 2022

By David •  Updated: 05/12/20 •  13 min read

Do you know that Bible covers help to keep your bible secure?

How often do you use your Bible? Most likely, you used it regularly for daily devotions and worship services in the church.

If you want your Bible to last long, make sure you get for it an appropriate bible cover.

The best Bible covers are meant to protect Bibles from wear and tear, thus prolonging their lives.

Several Bible covers come with enough space to hold paper, pens, and other personal items.

That’s if you choose to purchase a Bible cover in the form of a briefcase, purse, or organizer.

Also, the Bible covers with straps or handles make it extremely easy to carry large print Bibles, which can be huge.

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How Do You Select A Bible Cover?

Bible covers come in different colors and designs, which makes it difficult when it comes to selecting the right one.

However, your search doesn’t have to be difficult. We have compiled the following tips to make it easy for you to find the right Bible cover.

We have shown you how you can choose a Bible cover.

Now, it is time we showed you the best Bible covers available on the market today.

  1. Croc-Embossed Patent Purse-Style Bible/Book Cover w/Cross.

The Croc-Embossed Patent Purse-Style Bible Cover provides you with a stylish way to carry your Bible and other accessories. You don’t have to carry your items in a separate purse.

Its features include purse-style handles, exterior pockets on the front and back, as well as a two-way zipper. The pen loop on the inside makes it possible for you to carry your writing materials.

A small mesh pocket with a zipper is great for carrying notes, coins, and keys. Available in different sizes, this Bible cover is suitable for people with different needs.

If you have a study Bible, you may opt for the large-sized cover. If a smaller Bible, then the medium-sized cover will do just fine. Both sizes can accommodate additional books and accessories.

  1. Purple Botanic Butterfly Blessings “Blessed” Bible/Book Cover.

 Looking for a good cover to carry your study Bible?

The Purple Botanic Blessings “Blessed” Bible Cover is capable of holding the NIV Study Bible, The Life Application Study Bible and, The New Spirit-Filled Bible.

In short, it can carry any book with measurements 7 by 10.25 by 2 inches. It is made from faux leather material, which has been embossed with attractive artwork and calligraphy.

You will be proud to show off to members of your Bible study group or church. Once you put your Bible in it, you can close the cover using the convenient exterior zipper.

To carry this Bible cover, you can conveniently grab the spine handle in one hand and get going.

  1. Christian Art Gifts Floral Bird Gray Poly Canvas Bible Cover for Women.

Looking for a Bible cover that can withstand the ravages that come with daily use? If so, then this poly-canvas Bible cover is what you need.

The Christian Art Gifts Floral Bird Canvas Bible Cover is meant for stylish women looking for beautiful things in life.

The floral bird design with whimsical birds is the work of artist Sally Sharp. It is meant for medium-sized Bibles with maximum measurements of 6.6 by 9.6 by 1.75 inches.

There is a carry handle on the sleeve of the cover to make it easy for you to carry your Bible with you. If you have a pen of extra study materials, you can easily store them in the outer slip pocket.

The good thing with the poly canvas material is that it is durable and easy to clean.

  1. Antique Book “Be Strong and Courageous” Bible Cover.

How about a Bible cover that encourages you to “be strong and courageous” even before opening the first page of your Bible?

This highly-textured cover looks and feels like a collectible antique book.

It is made from smooth, deeply-grained faux leather with delicately-engraved borders. Its brownish color makes it both elegant and hard to show stains.

The text on top is framed inside an elegant gold foil filigree to make it even more attractive. It comes with an external cross-engraved zipper to secure the Bible once inside.

If you have pens, the two pen loops inside will come in handy. Carry the Bible cover wherever you want to go by simply grabbing the lay spine handle.

It comes in varied sizes, which you can choose depending on how big your Bible is.

  1. Turquoise “Hope” Bible/Book Cover.

If you are looking for an elegant Bible cover, then this particular one could be your best option. From its name, it features a combination of black and turquoise colors.

The Turquoise “Hope” Bible/Book Cover features a scripture passage from the book of Lamentations 3:21-24. It is made from high-quality, Italian, artificial leather material.

However, that doesn’t prevent it from looking and feeling like actual leather. The zipper has a cross-engraved zipper pull, an indication of its contents every time you carry it.

The lay-flat handle on the spine makes it possible for you to carry it with you wherever you do outside your house. With two convenient loops, you can never lack somewhere to keep your pens.

Its largest size can hold the largest study Bibles on the market.

  1. Blue Botanic Butterfly Blessings “Grace” Bible/Book Cover.

Here we have another Bible cover featuring a blue butterfly, which is the work of artist Jane Shaky.

When combined with the calligraphy, the artwork makes this cover an elegant option for people looking for something to show off.

This is one of the best Bible covers, given that it is made from durable faux leather. It is a medium-sized cover that would do extremely well for ordinary Bibles.

The exterior zipper comes in handy when it comes to securing your Bible in place. There is a lay-flat spine handle, which makes carrying this Bible cover extremely easy.

Inside, you will find two pen loops in which you can keep your pens. Apart from the Bible, you can use this cover to carry other books, so long as their sizes are perfect fits.

  1. Footprints” Poem Printed Blue Poly-Canvas Bible/Book Cover.

Looking for a medium-sized Bible cover that can carry books measuring 6.6 by 9.6 by 1.75 inches? Consider purchasing the “Footprints” Poem-Printed Blue Poly-Canvas Bible/Book Cover.

It features the last stanza of the poem “Immortal” printed in the backdrop of s shoreline with footprints

. It is a picture you would love to look at over and over again. The back slip pocket is great for carrying pens, study notes, and other smaller items.

It has a cross-engraved zipper pull that secures your Bible once you put it inside. Another interesting feature is the pen loop, which is very convenient.

Due to its medium size, the cover cannot be used to carry bigger Bibles – only the medium-sized variety. You can carry this Bible cover using a convenient sewn-in handle.

  1. Embassy Alligator Embossed Genuine Leather Bible Cover.

A great Bible cover is supposed to give your Bible a longer life. It should protect it from unnecessary wear and tear due to constantly carrying it with you from one place to another.

The Embassy Alligator Embossed Genuine Leather Bible Cover is ideal for all types of study Bibles, including the largest. But not just that.

The cover includes other storage spaces, including two outer pockets for envelopes and notebooks.

You may also store your study materials inside these pockets. One of the pockets is closed using a convenient flap while the other has a zipper.

Given its genuine leather material, this Bible cover is durable and long-lasting.

It has a leather strap, which makes it extremely easy to carry with you to church and Bible study. The main pocket has a cross-embossed zipper.

  1. Mossy Oak Camo Poly-Canvas/Book Cover w/”Stand Firm” Tag.

The Mossy Oak Camo Poly-Canvas Bible Cover is a medium-sized pouch in which you can carry most Bibles. Books that can fit into this cover are those measuring 6.6 by 9.6 by 1.75 inches.

It features a beautiful camo look and could easily beat some of the best Bible covers when it comes to style.

The Bible cover comes with various storage options, including a zippered pocket to the front and a pouch with a Velcro flap.

There is also a pen loop for your convenience. The reinforced, suitcase-style carry handle is a reason to buy this Bible cover.

All the zippers on this cover utilize tab zipper-pulls. It has a screen-printed sewn-on tag with an encouraging message from 1 Corinthians 16:13.

You can use it to carry your Bible, study notes, pens, and so on.

  1. Microfiber Red with Exterior Pockets, LG Bible Cover.

There are several things that you always carry with your Bible. If you want to carry all of them with you, it is necessary to have a Bible cover with all the space you need.

The Microfiber Red with Exterior Pockets, LG Bible Cover comes with lots of exterior pockets. You can use it to carry your Bible, cell phones, study notes, pens, and so on.

It comes with a strong carry handle so that you can take it with you to church and elsewhere. The zipper closure secures and protects your Bible once you put it inside.

You can use this cover to carry most standard-sized Bibles and books as long as they don’t exceed 6.6 by 9.5 inches.

The embossed fish symbol is enough to point you out as an actual fisher of men.

  1. Aviator Leather-Look Brown Large Book and Bible Cover.

Made from imitation leather, this Aviator Bible Cover is surprisingly sturdy. It features perfectly contrasting stitching on brown synthetic leather material.

Everyone will find this Bible cover extremely beautiful to look at. It has several pockets inside and outside to help you carry most of the items you need.

For instance, it has a slip-in pocket on the exterior for pens, study notes, and so on. Inside, you will find holders for pens and pencils.

You can use this cover to carry most standard-sized Bibles and books measuring 6.6 by 9.5 inches.

The briefcase-style carry handle makes this Bible cover extremely easy to take with you wherever you go. With the stamped cross, you can easily tell the contents that go into the cover.

The classic weathered look will definitely wow you.

  1. On Wings like Eagles Two-Tone Bible/Book Cover.

The On Wings Like Eagles comes in two tones – brown and tan. On top, the words “on wings like eagles” are borrowed from Isaiah 40:31.

There is additional text on the lower part of the cover both at the front and at the back. It is made from artificial leather, which incidentally looks very much like the real thing.

The main compartment can hold a Bible of 7 by 10.125 by 1.9 inches in dimension. Basically, it can carry many of the study Bibles available on the market.

The exterior zipper has a cross-engraved zipper to secure and protect your Bible, once you put it inside.

To make it easier for you to carry it from one place to another, the cover has a convenient spine handle. Your pens and pencils can go into the two interior pen loops.

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  1. Faithgirlz Poly Canvas Pink Medium Book & Bible Cover.

If you have the NIV Faithgirlz Bible, NIV Young Women of Faith Bible or, NIV Discoverer’s Bible, it’s time you purchased the right cover.

Aptly named the Faithgirlz Canvas Pink Medium Bible Cover, this is one of the medium-sized Bible covers with the ability to hold a Bible measuring 6.125 by 8.7 inches.

It comes with several features that will interest you whether you have used a Bible cover before or not.

For example, it comes with a zippered pocket to the exterior with a lovely zipper pull. If you want a place to carry your pens and pencils, the holders on the inside will come in handy.

Additionally, it is made from a strong material, which makes it highly durable. The briefcase-style carry strap is very convenient.

  1. Promo Poly-Canvas/Bible Cover w/Fish Applique.

Very few Bible covers come at such an affordable price. That’s one of the aspects that put the Promo Poly-Canvas/Bible Cover ahead of the pack.

It is made from a strong, poly-canvas material that is going to last for as long as you still want to use it.

In addition to the main compartment, there is a pen loop and a mesh pocket on the inside. The zipper on the mesh pocket has a cross-engraved zipper-pull, a symbol of the Christian faith.

Given that this is a medium-sized Bible cover, it is great for Bibles measuring 6.6 by 9.6 by 1.75 inches.

It comes in a variety of colors, giving you the freedom to choose which one works best for you.

  1. Distressed Leather-Look Bible/Book Cover w/Cross Badge.

Regardless of your gender, it is important to buy a Bible cover that really works for you. The Distressed Leather-Look Bible Cover works well for both men and women.

The main body is made from distressed brown artificial leather while the belting stripe is dark brown.

What you get is a contrasting look that will appeal to most of the people you meet in Bible study or in church.

The main opening has a zipper with a cross engraved zipper pull. In addition to the main compartment, you get a slip pocket in which you can carry smaller items.

It comes with a convenient suitcase-style handle for easy transportation. For extra functionality, the Bible cover also has a pen loop and mesh pocket inside.

In Conclusion:

What kind of Bible cover are you looking for? From the reviews above, you should be able to find several products you can call the best Bible covers.

Pay attention to the size of the Bible cover, features, and functionality.

Essentially, a Bible cover should be easy and convenient to carry. It should have many pockets for all your storage needs. Happy Bible reading!


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