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Free Bible Apps Online are dime a dozen  How often do you read the Bible? If you are new to reading the Bible, especially on cell phones or tablets, we have listed below the top 19 awesome inspirational free Bible Apps online

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“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15).

The Bible is the most important scripture in the world. Small verses or passages from the Holy Bible can help you in your spiritual life.

It can make you rethink your daily attitudes and your true purpose in life.

The Top 19 Awesome Inspirational Free Bible Apps Online

Free Bible Apps For Android

  1. Youversion

This is an application developed by Life Church. It is one of the most complete and downloaded Free Bible apps online.

The app has already reached the mark of 350 million installations in devices from around the world.

In addition to reading biblical passages, the app allows users to define the Bible App’s interface.

You can easily select the app’s version and language and read the Holy Bible offline when not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

You can also listen to the Bible in audio available in the latest versions.

Download it on Google Play 

  1. Women’s Bible

Developed primarily for women and those interested in God’s word and teachings, but you can download this application without any problems if you are a man.

There are no restrictions. The instructions are for everyone. Among so many options in application stores, this application has a point that others do not have; the Harp.

With a light, beautiful and fluid layout, the application was designed for the female audience. Still, if you are a man interested in this application, there is no problem using it.

The app also works in offline mode, so you can go anywhere and take the word of God word with you.

Download it on Google Play 

  1. Bible. is

The Bible. is app is more than just a free bible app online.

It works as a simple application for studying and reading the Bible. You can download multiple translations and search the Bible.

You can share your favorite verses online, mark or highlight them, and record notes.

All of this works in your mobile apps and online.

Download it on Google Play

  1. The Blue Letter Bible

Check out this app to deep dive into God’s word. It has many of the features of other Bible study tools, such as seeing the original meaning of the Greek and Hebrew words used in the earliest versions of the Bible and commentaries.

This Bible study app also equips to do topical studies easily. It contains several devotion options you can use in the app, as well. There are also audio and fantastic video commentaries. The FAQ section is excellent for answering common theological questions.

The Blue Letter Bible study app also has charts, diagrams, and maps, which would help those who want in-depth analysis and understanding of the original context of the Bible.

Download it on Google Play

  1. Chronological Bible

Enjoying the Bible chronologically is an opportunity that you will know how to take advantage of.

In this application, you will be able to obtain all the biblical texts and stories, organized as they were written and the passage of time, so that you can understand the real moments in which each story happened.

All you need to do is select the chapter you want to read, and the application will organize each segment consecutively, without messing up the initial layout.

Download it on Google Play

  1. The Daily Christian Bible

If you are looking for an option that provides hundreds of tools, you will like this app.

One of its unique functions is the audio Bible, as it has a voice-reading system that will narrate all the passages when you cannot read them.

Also, you will lower the contrast not to strain your eyes at night using the night mode. Get ready to search for verses, chapters, and writings with the search bar, which will take you directly to it.

On the other hand, you will be able to underline some prayer, psalm, or any important text, using the integrated highlighter.

Take the opportunity to discover new daily readings, as the app will provide you with some verses to read every morning.

Do not worry if you are forgetful because by selecting the automatic reminder, you will receive an alarm that alerts you that you have not yet read the word.

Make Wording plans per day, week, and month to finish it in good time.

Download it on Google Play

  1. Read the Bible for children

Teaching the scriptures to the children can be complicated, although children learn easily and quickly if you illustrate everything.

This app’s design will provide you with tons of stories about the Bible so that you can tell them to your little ones.

This free Bible app online contains a menu where you can select the Old and New Testament texts to explain the word to the children progressively and chronologically.

According to the sacred accounts, get ready to help them understand humanity’s history in an effective and very complete way. You do not need an internet connection to use this beautiful app.

Download it on Google Play

  1. Bible Studies in-depth

If you are a church pastor, or you want to access hundreds of Bible studies, you will love this application.

It is one of the applications to read a complete Bible because it contains a series of illustrated articles that organize all the chapters chronologically.

You can also get a summary of each one if you wish. You will even be able to enjoy multiple resources related to the studies of the scriptures.

There is as much material as you can imagine, compressed in the same application for you to enjoy.

Remember that you would also obtain data to do it effectively and entirely if you teach the word.

Download it on Google Play

  1. Bible Reading Program

The Bible is indeed a complex book, difficult to understand, and above all long, so many begin to read it, but they stay in the way of the first chapters.

The Biblical Reading Program, you will find a tool that helps you organize your habits so that you can determine the days a week you want, and you can sit down to analyze it.

The application will be in charge of selecting the daily chapters until a culminating period.

That is to say, each day, you will find a limited number of chapters so that you do not force yourself or get bored quickly, giving you time to reread and carefully analyze all its passages.

Its purpose is to help you foster a reading habit that will help you finish reading from Genesis to Revelation.

Choose the hours per day you want to dedicate to the sacred scriptures and do it now, ideal among the applications to read the Bible for free.

Download it on Google Play

Free Bible Apps

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Free Bible Apps To Download

  1. Bible in One Year

Another of the applications to read the Bible in a year that you need to try is this.

The app is designed to offer you many recommended readings that help you digest the content written in it.

The best thing is that it will organize an index of what you need to read during each day until it is completed in one year, helping you process it correctly and not consume it quickly because you will not understand anything about it.

Please note that this app is indispensable for those who are beginning to study the word in a year. It will provide useful help in your quest to understand the background of each text.

You will find a mandatory reading of psalms and verses that teach you positive things for the spiritual life and many audios selected for you every day. You can understand and know the purpose of the elements that you do not understand is.

Download it on Google Play and iOS

  1. Offline JFA Bible

Light, compact application, with a very well-developed interface, with Bible study, plans to help you understand the word.

This free bible app is ideal for those who do not have an internet connection in places where there are no networks available.

Check the details and options that the application offers you:

Find verses according to the biblical theme you want, reading plans, churches, and events nearby, all translations have audio to be downloaded and used synchronously with the reading of the verses, and it still has reading progress, so you don’t lose the place you left off the last time you were reading.

Download it on Google Play

  1. Glo Bible

Glo Bible was born as a multimedia study Bible recently.

It is an initiative of Fishermen Labs, a multimedia production agency located in Los Angeles. The corporate background makes this Bible have a strong focus on user experience.

Glo Bible has not had enough development time as the other four on the list. It also does not include resources in languages other than English. But it’s nice to read the Bible in it.

Its emphasis is on the simplicity of the almost minimalist design for easy reading. It contains a beautiful library of videos, images, maps, and sermons to complement the study.

Download it on their website

  1. Free Holy Bible

Enjoying the classic Bible in a continuous and customizable way is an opportunity provided by this application.

Its intuitive and easy-to-use menu will allow you to move around and immerse yourself in all the passages, chapters, books, and verses found within the app.

The best thing is that every day you can find an automatic verse, as well as an article that explains different things.

Meanwhile, Holy Bible Free is perfect to study it from anywhere, since it does not need an internet connection so you can access it.

All you need to do is choose the respective icon and then select the book you want to read, either the old -testament or all the new. It’s up to you!

Download it on Google Play and iOS

  1. Bible Gateway

The Bible Portal is one of the best online sites for studying the Bible, and it also offers a useful application.

The Bible Portal provides multiple translations in modern and international languages.

As you read, you can bookmark the passages, highlight them, add notes, and share them with others using social media or the sharing features on your phone, tablet, or browser.

You can search the Bible, set reading plans, and open other resources from the menu you find by opening the menu button in the upper left corner.

There is also an audio Bible to listen to the scriptures. Users can listen to the Bible in NVI, CSB, and KJV, to name a few.

The Dashboard is the main screen when the application starts and shows a verse of the day, the Bible in audio, and your reading plan’s links.

You can also access other parts of the Bible app from the Dashboard.

Download it on Google Play and iOS

  1. Logos

Logos, more than an electronic Bible, is a Bible study library.

You can expand the app to include thousands of accompanying resources in multiple languages, such as commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, interlinears, biblical language tools, and many more.

Logos was the first tool of its kind, and the company has remained on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to studying the Bible.

His emphasis is on offering a library of resources in the cloud, with Christian books of all kinds. Its desktop application is the most powerful, with a rich and varied multimedia study experience.

Logos is the gold standard in the biblical software industry.

Download it on their website

  1. Bible Hub

The Bible Hub app is the favorite of many users. I’m not a fan of the user interface, but it’s included in this list because they have a great online Bible studies website.

Site users will want to get the free app to use Bible Hub on the go. The app is just a wrapper for your website, so you will need an internet connection to use it.

You can read multiple modern and ancient translations. It has Strong’s dictionaries, thematic Bibles to study a topic like grace, and some public domain commentaries like Barnes Notes, Matthew Henry, and Clarke.

The reader’s view of the iPhone app will eliminate all the clutter and allow you to see only the basic text without distractions.

Download it on Google Play and iOS

Free Bible Apps on iPhone

  1. Olive Tree

Although Olive Tree was born as a simple study Bible, it has grown over the year to offer various study materials.

The app comes with NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV, and a few other translations. You can also buy more products for one low price if you want.

You can access this free bible app without an internet connection.

Download it on iOS

  1. Tecarta

Tecarta Mobile for Android is a fast and powerful Bible study app that lets you read, search, and explore the Bible.

It has so many beautiful features that you will enjoy while studying God’s word. You can read the Bible and follow along with a commentary or your study notes.

You can also compare two Bible translations side by side that will scroll in sync with one another.

Download it on iOS

  1. Holy Bible

Developed by Dhiogo Brustolin, this application will surprise you.

If you are one of those contented people and not perfectionists, you will not be disappointed with this application.

The layout of this application, as already said, is straightforward.

There are four tabs separated by categories and verses marked for you to take full experience of the Bible.

Download it on iOS

In conclusion

It is easier to carry the Word of God tied to the hands with these 19 awesome free bible apps online.

All of these applications allow you quick access to your entire biblical library from any mobile or desktop device or web browser. Read the Bible. Share the Bible. I love the Bible.

And you, can you share other biblical applications that you use on your mobile? Where do you read the Bible most often? Have you already moved to the electronic Bible?


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