15 Best Bible Study Guides and Books for Beginners

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Bible study guides and books are an absolute necessity for every believer, especially for beginners.

It helps with a better understanding of the Bible and aids in the development of the Christian life.  Before now, I used to regard the Bible as the most difficult book to study.

Obviously, the reason was that I just never knew how or where to begin. Each time I wanted to study the Bible.

However, I’ve learned over time, that the Bible is easy to understand. With the right Bible study guides.

Therefore, I had to conduct thorough research on the easiest to follow. And most relevant study guides and books for beginners.

So, here are the 15 Best Bible Study Guides and Books for Beginners.


  1. Bible Study Guide for Beginners: Each of the 66 Books Explained for Getting Started by Brian Gugas.

For centuries, people have always turned to the Bible for guidance and hope. This Bible study guide serves as a road map for the beginner to develop.

An appreciation of the scripture. As well as, to make it a part of daily living. Thus, in this incredible Bible study guide by Gugas.

All the 66 books of the Bible are covered in detail. Including the author of each book and the time frame in which it was written.

Summary of the message in each book;  devotion for contemplation and further exploration.

Meanwhile, you can totally go ahead and immerse yourself in the stories, prophecies.

And the messages of the Scripture. Discover anew the awe-inspiring force, mercy. And the healing power of God.

More so, this graceful and inspiring, Bible Study for Beginners brings the reader back to the basics. And opens the way to a direct relationship with God.

  1. Trustworthy – Bible Study Book: Overcoming Our Greatest Struggles to Trust God by Lysa TerKeurst.

This exclusive 6-session Bible study guide is perfect for individuals and small groups. Included in it are questions and discussions within small groups.

Personal study resources to be completed in small group meetings. And verse-by-verse study for comprehension and application.


Additionally, one terrific thing about this Bible study guide is the fact that. It’s designed to be paired with teaching videos from Lysa TerKeurst.

Also, it comes with a kit which is a perfect resource for any small group. A personal Bible study book, interactive teaching videos.

This runs for approximately 15-25 minutes per session with subtitles for the hearing-impaired.

  1. How to Study the Bible by Robert M. West.

This is one beautiful Bible study guide for beginners that provides a brief. And a concise overview of personal Bible study for the layman.

In this guide, Robert West gives insight into the types and tools. And techniques of personal study.

Thereby, offering both practical guidance. And encouragement to pursue God’s command in the book of 2 Timothy 2:15.

Furthermore, the study guide covers topics such as the inductive method. Word studies. Commentaries, dictionaries, and concordances.

Additionally, How to Study the Bible emphasizes the benefits of personal Bible study. This is one of the simplest Bible study guides you’ll find as a beginner. And it’s totally worth every cent.

  1. Everyday Theology – Bible Study Book: What You Believe Matters by Mary Wiley.

Everyday Theology is an 8-session Bible study guide for beginners.

First, readers can explore the essential doctrines of the Scripture. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, humanity, salvation, the church.

As well as, the end times to know God more deeply through these foundational truths.

Interestingly, the unconventional study guide has some striking features. Which include: personal study segments to be completed within 8 weeks.

Daily foundational Bible verses for memorization. As well as, additional resources to support and reinforce weekly study.

  1. John: A 12-Week Study (Knowing the Bible) by Justin Buzzard.

John: A 12-Week Study by Justin Buzzard is one great Bible study guide for beginners.

Basically, it’s designed to help readers understand and apply God’s Word better. Each study covers one book of the Bible over 12 weeks.

Undoubtedly, this simple but powerfully packed guide is suitable for both individuals and small groups.

I particularly appreciate the fact that the studies are gospel-centered. With the intention to help readers see. And cherish the message of God’s grace found on every page of the scripture.

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  1. Journal Through the Bible: Explore Genesis to Revelation by Thomas Nelson.

Journal through the Bible is one impressive study guide that I am recommending to beginners. Especially, those who find the Bible overwhelming. And those who will like to have fresh insight.

More so, this Bible study guide for beginners provides motivation. As well as, guidance for readers to discover. Or rediscover the remarkable stories and timeless truths of the Scripture.

Remarkably, each entry in the guide is a biblical study that includes: a summary of the Bible Book. A suggested reflection time needed to study each book, highlight important topics.

Guided journaling prompts to reflect on what you’ve read. And space to record notes and prayers.

Certainly, this Bible study guide will help beginners not just reach their goal of studying the Scripture. But to also offer a unique journal of your spiritual growth.

In addition, this exciting Bible study guide comes with thick pages and a ribbon marker.

I’ll simply tell you to go ahead. And discover the remarkable stories and timeless truths of the Scripture through the help of this guide.

  1. 20/20 – Bible Study Book: Seen. Chosen. Sent by Christine Caine.

Christine Caine is one passionate teacher, and author who is all about seeing every believer equipped. To live life on mission for Jesus.

Fortunately, in her 7-session study, you’ll be able to develop a new understanding of how God sees you. And why He has chosen you to help make Jesus’ name known on earth.

Through biblical teachings and lessons from her own life. Christine challenges readers to share the story of God’s love and transformation.

Importantly, the amazing features of this study include personal study segments. To be completed in 7 weeks of group sessions. And enriching teaching videos – approximately 30 minutes per session.

This is one of my favorite Bible study guides. You can literally, experience unconditional love. And the call of Jesus through it. Also, you’ll discover your inherent value; and gain the confidence to share the living hope of Christ.

  1. James – Bible Study Book: Faith Works by Matt Chandler.

James Bible Study Book is one very unique study guide for beginners.

First, it’s one of the most inspiring Bible study guides you’d ever find.

Next, it’s full of practical wisdom for Christians. Calling us to live out genuine faith through good works.

Meanwhile, more than any other Bible study guide is deeply rooted in theology.

In addition, some of its powerful features include personal study opportunities for spiritual growth. With this Bible study guide; readers will have a better understanding of the Book of James.

  1. Jesus and Women – Bible Study Book: The First Century and Now by Kristi McLelland.

This is one exciting Bible study guide by Kristi McClelland.

One, it comes with over 7 sessions that examine the historical. And the cultural climate of the first-century Middle Eastern society.

Not only to understand Jesus more deeply. But to fuel our worship of Him daily.

Truly, this guide suggests some life-changing videos for a better user experience. The interesting features include a leader guide to lead discussions within small groups.

Personal study segments to be completed over 7 weeks of group sessions. Glossary of Hebrew and biblical terms. As well as photographs of Israel with commentary of cultural and historical significance.

Interestingly, I love the fact that readers can actually explore and gain a deeper insight into the Scripture.

Gain a new perspective on familiar Bible stories. And to discover the Bible through the lens of Middle Eastern culture.

No doubt, this is one beautiful guide every beginner will absolutely find pleasure studying.

  1. Self-Study Bible Course: Fourteen Studies That Explore God’s Word by Derek Prince.

Derek’s Self-study Bible course is meant to help beginners who have questions about God and the Bible.

Basically, this accessible beginner guide will enable you to develop an understanding of the Scripture.

Amazingly, while completing the fourteen in-depth lessons. You’ll find answers to some crucial questions.

Such as: how can I know I’ll go to heaven when I die? How can I have victory over sin? What does the Bible say about physical healing?

What is God’s plan for prosperity? And how can I receive answers to my prayers?

Indeed, someone who has never studied the Bible will find this systematic study guide beneficial and easy to use.

  1. Bible Workbook and Guide: Study and Understand by Brian Gugas.

Gugas impressive workbook and study guide is designed to help beginners study by themselves.

First, it provides answers to many questions frequently asked. Two, it’s a simple and enjoyable way to do a self-study of the Bible.

Naturally, as beginners, we have many questions that we need answers to. For instance: how to Study the Bible. What it means to study the Bible.

And the reason we need to study the Bible. Get this Bible study guide and get a thorough understanding of the Scripture.

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  1. The Beginner’s Guide and Workbook: How to Read and Understand Your KJV Bible by Frederick D Sparkman.

This incredible Bible study workbook is a compilation of scriptures. Structured in such a way that, you’ll be drawn into the Scripture.

Thus, causing you to ask questions and have them answered by the scripture.

Nevertheless, this guide for beginners is a radical departure from the normalized approach of being taught the Scripture.

More so, the workbook is designed to be eye-opening and informative. Also, it has the intention to fully equip the reader with the necessary tools.

To know what the Bible is actually saying.  Certainly, with this guide, you’ll learn to make sense of portions of the Bible that seem difficult to understand.

  1. 30 Days to Understanding the Bible: Unlock the Scriptures in 15 minutes a day by Max Anders.

With Anders’ book, you’ll unlock the treasures of God’s Word in just fifteen minutes a day. Basically, it’s a classic and simple-to-use guide to the Scripture.

Perhaps, you confused the ark of the covenant with the ark of Noah. Or Rehoboam with Jeroboam, then this Max Anders’ classic is for you.

Amazingly, in just fifteen minutes a day, you’ll learn the Bible’s key people, events, and doctrines.

In addition, this straightforward guide has been recommended by great Bible teachers. And pastors for thirty years.

Fortunately, it’s now available in an expanded thirtieth-anniversary edition. With the most requested topics from the original edition restored and updated for today’s readers.

Some of the extraordinary features include the Arc of Bible History to help you visualize the Bible’s overarching themes.

The Story of the Bible, summarizing Genesis through Revelation in just a few pages. The core beliefs of the Christian Faith. Focusing on the teachings that have united Christians for the last 2,000 years.

  1. Self-Study Bible Course (Expanded) by Derek Prince.

Do you have unanswered questions about God and His Word?

Have you ever had trouble understanding what the Scripture says when you study it?

If your answers are in the affirmative, then this beginners’ guide will be of great help to you.

In this updated and expanded edition; you’ll find answers to questions.

Such as: How can I have victory over sin? What is God’s plan for healing our bodies? How can I know if I will go to heaven when I die?

How can I receive answers to my prayers? And what does the future hold for me?

Indeed, even if you’ve never read the Bible before; you’ll still find this systematic study guide very helpful.

Undoubtedly, through this study, you’ll experience important changes in your life. As well as discover an intimacy with God that you may have never known before.

  1. Discovering Jesus: A Self-Study Workbook by Ronnie Worsham.

According to Worsham, discovering Jesus is a self-study or group study workbook.

Leading the reader through a brief study of the overall Bible context. Zeroing in, on who Jesus is and what it means to have a relationship with Him.

Categorically, there are only a few Bible study workbooks like this on the market. In its thirteenth chapter, the guide covers the design of the Bible.

Understanding Jesus as Lord and Savior. How to become a Christian; how to live as a Christian, living by the Holy Spirit.

No doubt, this workbook is designed to stimulate logic. And open-minded thinking about the scripture. Rather than teaching hard doctrinal conclusions. Basically, it’s designed to teach new students of the Bible.


The Bible is a unique book, full of inspiration, wisdom, and practical answers.

However, it doesn’t claim to be an easy-to-study book. It can be both intimidating and overwhelming at first glance.

Fortunately, that’s the reason, we’ve streamlined the best Bible study guides and books for beginners.

In order to help you find the Scripture less overwhelming and intimidating.

These study guides and books for beginners will provide good assistance to you if you’re a beginner. Or you simply desire a fuller and more accurate knowledge of the Bible.

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