The 21 Best Marriage Podcasts for Christian Couples

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Do you feel that your marriage is in need of some encouragement? Are you an avid listener of podcasts?

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There are many podcasts out there on the topic of relationships, but not all are for Christians. However, there are still quite a few Christian marriage podcasts for couples.

Marriage Podcasts for Christian Couples

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Today, I want to share about the twenty-one best podcasts for Christian marriages. Many of them are hosted by authors and experts on the subject of marriage. The majority have a heavy emphasis on what a Christian marriage should look like.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for Christian marriage podcasts.  Discover which options are best for you and your spouse to listen to!

The Fierce Marriage Podcast

In this podcast, Ryan and Selena Frederick discuss issues affecting modern marriages.

They answer questions about things like worldviews and exercise wisdom in the use of social media. They also talk about creating a family vision statement and dealing with anger in marriage.

Their listeners are encouraged to dig deep and experience the transforming power of the Gospel in their relationships.

The Frederick’s also has a website where you can read episode transcripts and explore resources to help grow your marriage. You can purchase their books and devotionals as well.

The Naked Marriage Podcast

Dave and Ashley Willis aren’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty of marriage and the struggles that come with it. They talk about everything from how to have healthy intimacy in marriage to how addictions can harm a marriage.

This podcast is great for couples looking for authentic conversations about hard topics. It is especially those who desire to learn how to better approach these areas in their own relationships.

Anatomy of Marriage

Seth and Melanie Studley tackle some of the most difficult marriage topics including infidelity, miscarriages, and addictions. In addition, they talk about more common issues like intimacy and parenting.

Seth himself is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Together with his wife, they provide resources and coaching in addition to the podcast.

The Studley’s are believers, but their podcast is for everyone regardless of their faith background.

They offer plenty of relevant content that believers will find helpful.  But their podcast is also great for unbelievers. Great to recommend to all your married friends!

Focus on Marriage Podcast

Greg and Erin Smalley host this podcast produced by Focus on the Family. It is another wonderful option for couples.

They cover a variety of topics including parenting and the difference God can make in a marriage.

Greg and Erin also discuss pornography, personalities, and how to create time for each other.

In addition, they often host other authors and marriage experts who share their own observations and tips for couples.

Marriage After God

Continuing the list of Christian marriage podcasts for couples, this podcast by Aaron and Jennifer Smith is another great option. It is especially great for couples who are in the first few years of marriage.

The Smiths know what it means to struggle in marriage, having been at the point of nearly breaking. They turned their marriage and future over to the Lord and experienced healing.

And now they now have a passion for helping other couples. Their desire is to help others strengthen their marriages and families.

They cover a number of topics like how many children to have and encouraging husbands to lead spiritually. They also talk about relationships with in-laws and raising a family.

IMbetween Podcast

On this podcast, Daniel and Christina discuss everything from marriage and parenting to faith and reducing stress.

They often interview experts on the topics presented. Some of their recent guests include Greg and Erin Smalley. They have also interviewed Richard Lee from the International Justice Mission.

The IM’s would be a great help especially for younger couples and those who desire to cultivate a family that seeks justice.

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Christian Couples marriage podcasts

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Marriage Today

Jimmy and Karen Evans host this podcast where they discuss the importance of emotionally healthy marriages.

Evans also talks about managing money and raising children. They also have a number of episodes in which they talk about the dynamics of blended families.

Jimmy and Karen do not shy away from hard topics like past baggage in marriages and destructive spouses. This podcast is great for couples who are facing difficult issues. And it would be good for those who want to prevent those issues from coming up.

Married With Benefits

This podcast is part of the FamilyLife Podcast Network. It is hosted by Brian Goins. Shaunti Feldhahn, author of “For Women Only” and “For Men Only”, also appears. They speak especially to couples where there is isolation from each other. They discuss why this happens and how to fix it.

Some topics that are discussed include porn addictions, what to do if your husband doesn’t deserve respect, and conflict.

FamilyLife Blended

Specifically for blended families, this podcast hosted by Ron Deal looks at the unique dynamics of a blended family. It includes topics such as co-parenting and developing a healthy marriage after experiencing past pain.

Ron also interviews experts on step-parenting, understanding the effects of divorce on children, and many other helpful topics. This podcast is great for couples where at least one spouse had a previous marriage.

The Art of Relationships

A production of Biola University’s Center for Marriage & Relationships, this podcast is hosted by Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff. They discuss a wide variety of topics relevant to couples who are dating, engaged, or married.

However, their primary focus is on marriage. Of interest are episodes on healthy sexuality, the impact of social media, and what true love is. Other topics include divorce, parenting, and the way culture impacts marriages.

The Art of Relationships is for everyone at every stage of a relationship.  It also includes major research behind the topics addressed.

The Real-Life Podcast

In this podcast, Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke talk about life as parents of three kids. They also discuss how to stay connected as a couple, observations about faith, and more. Their podcast focuses on honoring God in the context of the family.

Jeff and Alyssa also bring up the concept of creating a family rhythm of rest and teamwork. It is primarily for younger families but is also relevant to any family desiring to practice intentional living.

Loving on Purpose

The Loving on Purpose podcast addresses struggles in parenting, blended families, developing healthy intimacy, and connecting with each other. It would be helpful especially for couples with children or who are preparing to be parents.

This podcast started more recently but looks very promising. Yet another awesome option to add to the list of Christian marriage podcasts for couples.

Grafted Marriage Podcast

On this podcast, husband and wife team Chris and Courtney talk about marriage and family, drawing from their own experiences.

It is a relatively new podcast, but covers topics such as teamwork, love, boundaries, and not getting stagnant. The emphasis of Chris and Courtney’s discussions are on how these concepts apply within a Christian marriage.

GRAFTED might be a good option to add to your playlist of Christian marriage podcasts for couples. Regardless of your stage of marriage, it covers a broader range of topics.

Marriage Podcasts

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Brave Marriage Podcast

Kensi Duszynski, a licensed marriage and family therapist is the host of the Brave Marriage Podcast.

She talks about and interviews other experts on topics such as parenting and nurturing intimacy. She also discusses how childhood roles affect our marriages, and how to develop healthy habits.

This podcast is great for couples to listen to together or separately.

Simplify Complexity: Christian Relationship Advice & Help

Brian E. Wallace and Keonte McDonald speak on issues relevant to the process of relationships.

Their focus is on singleness, dating, marriage, and broken relationships.  Some recent topics include parenting when styles of parenting differ as well as dating. This is a brand new podcast but will be published weekly.

This podcast would be helpful for anyone in a relationship, including those who are married with kids. Another great option to add to your list of Christian marriage podcasts for couples!

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A Love Language Minute

Hosted by Dr. Gary Chapman, this podcast produced by Moody Radio offers quick bites of helpful advice for a number of relationship issues. Some topics include what a biblical marriage is, the problem of isolation, and how to work together as a team.

This podcast is wonderful for couples who want conversation starters, but do not like to listen to lengthy shows.

Married People Podcast

In this podcast, CJ Palmer and Afton Philips interview experts on marriage and family matters.

Some topics they cover include how each person’s personality affects the marriage and being empty nesters. They also talk about the importance of dealing with personal baggage in order to have a better marriage.

It is perfect for couples at any stage of marriage, whether newlywed or becoming empty-nesters.

Smalley Marriage Radio

Dr. Michael Smalley hosts an “Inspirational Comedy” podcast under Smalley Marriage Radio. He discusses a range of topics including conflict management, discipleship in the context of marriage, parenting, and pursuing oneness.

A wonderful option in the genre of Christian marriage podcasts for couples. Especially for those that enjoy humor coupled with serious topics.

Sex Within Marriage Podcast

Another great podcast for married couples is the Sex Within Marriage Podcast. Hosted by Jay Dee, this podcast discusses every aspect of sexual intimacy imaginable.

Topics include low sex drives and what is appropriate within marriage as well as answers to listeners’ questions. There is something for every marriage whether you have amazing intimacy or struggle with sex.

Considering the topics included in this podcast, it might be especially beneficial for couples who are more recently married. It is also great for those wondering how to honor God and their spouses in the context of married sex.

Awesome Marriage Podcast

Dr. Kim and Christina are the hosts of this podcast which includes a myriad of topics relevant to Christian marriages.

They talk about a spectrum of topics including the importance of confession in marriage and spiritual leadership in marriage.

They also discuss apologizing, having hard conversations, common mistakes, and parenting.

This is one of the best Christian podcasts for couples as it covers such a wide range of topics. This includes some areas other podcasts do not touch on.

Delight Your Marriage | Sexual Intimacy, Relationship Advice, & Christianity

In this podcast, the hostess, Belah Rose, interviews various experts on all matters of marriage, family, and parenting.

Belah dives into topics like sexual intimacy, insecurities, past sexual abuse, honesty, and healing from porn addictions.

Delight Your Marriage is a great option for all couples. Wonderful to listen to whether you are newly married, starting your family, or approaching later years and the aging process.


Each of these twenty-one podcasts is unique, addressing particular issues and needs that married couples have.

Some are broad, covering everything from parenting and pursuing intimacy to spiritual leadership. Others, such as the Sex Within Marriage Podcast are specifically focused on a particular area of marriage.

It’s up to you to decide which podcast would be most helpful for you and your marriage. Regardless of which stage of marriage you are in, there are options for everyone.

What are your thoughts? Which podcast do you think would best fit your needs? Have you listened to any of these podcasts?

If so, what did you think of them? What has been your favorite episode or topic so far? Do you have any recommendations for other podcasts that may be helpful for Christian couples?

Share your thoughts and experiences concerning podcasts for Christian couples!


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