Bible Study Apps: The Top 15 Best

By David •  Updated: 01/28/21 •  12 min read

If you’ve been looking for ways to immerse yourself in an in-depth study of the Bible. Or ways to listen to it on the go, we’ve got you covered with these 15 carefully selected Bible Study Apps.

They’re easy to use and specially designed to work on iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop. And even your Kindle Fire in some cases.

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The best part is that all of these 15 Bible study apps are user-friendly and totally free. With only a handful having paid versions or upgrades.

Hence, it’s absolutely possible to grow your faith through an in-depth study of God’s word at no cost.

So, here are the 15 Best Bible Study Apps with most of the features explained:

  1. The Bible App Free + Audio

The Bible App Free + Audio currently has more than 400 million active installations from around the world.

The YouVersion’s new search experience makes it easy to find verses, study plans, videos, topics, support articles. And a lot of more exciting features you’d ever find in a Bible app.

There’s a lot of hype from the millions of users of the YouVersion of this great Bible App. People are actually reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible every day using the YouVersion of this app.

The more beautiful thing about this Bible app is that it actually has more than 1,400 Bible versions, 1,000+ languages. Different listen to audio Bibles. As well as thousands of Reading Plans & Devotionals in more than 40 languages.

Here’s the best part- this extraordinary Bible app is completely free. Even with all of its mind-blowing features.

Download The Bible App Free +Audio, Offline, Daily Study

  1.  Daily Bible for Women & Devotion

If you’re a woman then trust me, you’ll certainly love this exceptional Study Bible app that’s specially designed for ladies. You can make this cute app a bright, joyful, and fast companion in your daily study of God’s word.

Despite the many features, it’s very easy to use, has Jesus’ words in red, and works offline. The extra features include free morning and evening daily devotionals by C. H. Spurgeon.

Yes, that’s right – the classic collection of the daily devotionals from the eminently quotable preacher! This app comes with Bible Reading Plans for different durations ranging from one year, 180 days, and 90 Days.

In addition, you can set notifications, copy, share bible verses! The audio comes on with just a tap on a verse- the icons are quite visible.

This lovely app makes your Bible study easier and deeper with innumerable other features that include: bookmarks, notes, highlights, etc. On a general note, the app is beyond user-friendly as it’s fast and easy to navigate through verses.

All of these features are free and work offline!

Download Daily Bible for Women & Devotion Offline.

  1. The Bible Gateway App

With the Bible Gateway App, you can enjoy the Bible verse of the Day in the translation of your choice.

You can also study the Bible in more than 90 different translations, including the NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, NASB, and The Message Bible. Not only that, there’s the provision to listen to over 20 audio Bibles, including English, Spanish, Arabic, and other translations.

The Bible Gateway app literally makes it easy to study and understand the Bible. You can quickly and easily search the Bible for a verse, passage, or keyword.

The Bible Gateway app also has a library of trustworthy commentaries and other references. Readers can make personal notes, highlight Bible texts, and bookmark favorite verses.

Most importantly, you can share Bible verses with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Download The Bible Gateway App

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  1. The Daily Bible App (King James Bible)

The Daily Bible App is a King James Bible app that’s extremely simple, beautiful, inspirational, and easy to follow.

This app is a free offline Bible that seeks to effectively help Christians study the scriptures daily. The Bible app allows you to dive deep into the study of God’s word.

More so, the unique features let you receive Bible devotion verses of the day. While studying, you can actually write down your thoughts and inspirations on the daily Bible verse.

I find the special feature that allows you to browse previous daily Bible devotional journal thoughts, and inspirations very delightful. Additionally, you can effortlessly copy and paste as well as share verses with friends and family.

This in itself, is a way of encouraging others to read and study more of God’s word daily. This magnificent Bible app also allows you to listen to prayers and music with audio.

Download Daily Bible App

  1. Easy to Read and Understand Bible AKA Bible In Basic English (BBE)

Like the name suggests – the Easy to Read and Understand Bible makes studying the Bible easy and understandable.

The Bible in Basic English strives to simplify the Bible to enable many to understand God’s word better.

In an effort to make the texts as simple as possible;  Professor S. H. Hooke and his team limited the vocabulary to the standard 850 basic English words.

Some of the impressive features include: Audio, Reading Plans, Daily Verses, Statistics, Progress, Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks, and many more!

Download Easy to Read and Understand Bible App

  1. NKJV Bible Audio App

The NKJV Bible Audio is a free offline Bible study app with effortless navigation between verses.

It comes in a very easy format and it’s accessible offline. NKJV Bible Audio App has many incredible features that you need to personally experience.

These features are but are not limited to Auto-scroll down, Bookmark, and Highlight. Play audio bible in the background – change audio speed as well as change text size. You can also switch to day or night mode.

This fascinating Bible study app is completely free too.

Download Audio Bible NKJV Free

Bible Study

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  1. HOLY BIBLE – NIV Bible App

You can get started on an exciting journey on the go with the NIV Bible App.

This Bible study app is one of the best tools to use when you need to listen to God’s word.  One of the astonishing features of this wonderful app is the fact that it has a background player function.

You don’t need to open the app to listen to selected Bible verses. The user interface is designed for easy navigation to all chapters of the Bible.

Amazingly, users can also share Bible verses with friends and family via text message, social media, or email. Lastly, it has a verse of the day and works online as well as offline.

Download Holy Bible – NIV Bible, Offline Free

  1. King James Free Offline App

With this fabulous Bible study app, you are no longer restricted to reading the hard copy of the KJV Bible.

The fact that you can study your favorite verses while on the move. And still, being able to share what you learn with family and friends makes this Bible app a must-have.

Some of the stunning new features include backup, audio, sharing with images, free daily devotional to make your day blissful. In addition, there’s a Bible dictionary, personal notepad, daily Bible reading, and daily verse.

Download King James Free Offline App

  1. Olive Tree App

This is one of the Bible study apps you must try, trust me on this! Many are super excited about this fabulous Bible app as much as I am.

The Olive Tree app has both free and paid features. It has magnificent, neat, and easy interfaces. I also love the fact that you can access it even at places with very poor reception.

This lovely app has NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV versions. More versions can be readily purchased at very little cost. If you’re looking for a great experience and/or want a wealth of Bible information at your fingertips.

Then this is one Bible study app you should check out.

Download The OliveTree App

  1. Accordance Mobile

Accordance Mobile for Android is one of the fastest and most powerful Bible study apps you’d ever find.

It lets you read, search, and explore the entire Bible on the go. More so, you can add more resources to your personal library with this brilliant Bible study app.

The other awesome features of this app enable you to compare two Bible translations side by side. Additionally, the Accordance Bible also has an extensive collection of Bible study tools that are available for purchase.

These materials range from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end reference works to the Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew. Whatever your Bible study needs may be, Accordance has got you covered.

Download Accordance Mobile

  1. KJV Study Bible

The free KJV study Bible app is one Bible version to install on your mobile device.

If you’re looking to have a good choice for study, memorization, or a period of personal devotion; then this is an app you simply can’t do without. With the KJV study Bible, you get to take notes as well as highlight your favorite verses.

Meanwhile, I love the fact that this Bible app comes with several tools that allow for extensive note-taking. Another helpful tool that comes with this exceptional Bible study app is the bookmark.

I mean, you don’t want to spend time trying to find the location where you last read. Placing a bookmark at the end of each reading session helps to keep your reading sessions organized.

This app also enables you to highlight verses that you’d like to take note of. A quick and easy search feature on this app is another tool that comes in very handy.

A keyword or phrase can be entered in order to find the exact reference. Additionally, you can enjoy the audio Bible through the offline feature or by installing Mp3.

The share option is the part I love the most. This lets you select an image from your own gallery when sharing Bible verses with friends and family members.

Download KJV Study Bible – Offline Bible

  1. Logos Bible App

Deep Bible study on the go is now possible with the powerful tools in this Bible study app.

The Logos Bible App lets you make use of commentaries and reading plans.

It also offers a variety of translations including NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, and many more. Other top features allow you open as many resources or Bible versions as you want side by side.

Take a picture using the Reference Scanner and open your preferred Bible version to all the verse references.

There’s also the library which gives you access to up to 95 free resources to kick off your Bible study. What more can I say? There are many more features that I’m so excited about that I can’t simply leave them out.

These include Bible Word Study which helps you learn more about any word in the Bible; by examining dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-reference. There’s text comparison, split-screen, audiobooks, reading plans, search, social sharing, etc.

The features on this Bible study app are simply out of this world.

Download Logos Bible App

  1. Bible Home- Daily Bible Study App

This is another Bible study app that allows you to study God’s word with many different versions of the Bible.

You can readily choose a translation that suits you as there are several to pick from. With this terrific app, you can find prayer and study plans or customize yours.

Other great features allow you to receive verse of the day to inspire you; take notes, bookmark verses, and share with your friends and family!

The Bible Home app is simply one incredible tool that keeps the Bible and the Gospel within reach every day. Explore this app and enjoy a reading experience made to help you study and share God’s word more effectively.

Download Bible Home – Daily Bible Study App

  1. Bible Study Tools App

The Bible Study Tools is one of my favorites.

You can actually play the audio resources in the background while you use other apps.

If it’s in on the phone, the sound stops when a call comes in and resumes after the call has ended. You also have the option to download audio files and sermons as well as listen to them offline.

Other striking features include Bible commentaries, daily Scripture, songs, morning devotions, Hymns of Dawn (1-361). Audio Sermons of over 20, 000 on different Christian subjects. And many more beautiful features you definitely need to see for yourself.

Download Bible Study Tools App

  1. Bible studies in depth for every Christian

The content of this Bible study app will help you better understand the Bible.

While personal, devotionally-oriented Bible study is very important, as is family Bible study. Bible studies in depth by definition dig deeper into God’s word; in order to gain a better understanding of the truths contained in it.

This simple but terrific Bible study app seeks to help you study the scripture with meaning; as it relates to the entire Bible taking into context the meaning of the surrounding chapter, book, and verses as well as the historical.

Download Bible Studies in Depth for Every Christian


Bible Study Apps are powerful tools to grow our faith.

The goal of the developers of these powerful Bible study apps is to help Christians grow in faith. And in the knowledge of God’s word while helping us to explore various interesting features.

Having two or more of these Bible study apps is highly recommended to help you achieve speedy spiritual growth as you devote yourself to the study of God’s word.


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