Top 19 Free Online Bible Study Courses

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Free online Bible study lessons will help you to develop a deeper understanding of spiritual truths and excite you as you learn about the scriptures for yourself.

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How do you move forward in the Christian life and ministry? You must maintain a prayer habit and read the Bible.

Keeping this daily communion with God helps us to grow and mature in faith. Living in the Internet age is a great blessing.

Top 19 Awesome Free Online Bible Study Courses

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Why? The medium presents us with various resources that can contribute to our faith.

You can do the following free online Bible study courses from the comfort of your home. Some offer a certificate or diploma for those who complete their programs.

In no particular order, the following is a list of free online Bible institutes. Before starting, pray that God guides you to choose the material that is edifying for you.

  1. Christian Leadership Institute Courses

The Christian Leadership Institute courses form the basis of the free certificate.

Churches, foundations, and Christian leaders worldwide support this leadership course.

They believe that it is important to give opportunities to as many people as possible. The purpose is for Christian leaders to learn and not to bear a heavy debt burden.

The college offers more than 100 courses in the Ministry of Christian Leadership. Christian Leadership Institute offers many studies, including:

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  1. Open Yale University

If you want to understand the Old Testament better, consider this course. It includes an introduction to the New Testament, history, and literature.

This free online Bible course relates to today’s religion and culture. The study is a series of video conferencing, and you can download all the classes.

Also, these courses relate to current politics in the US and the world. Students will also examine the evolution of Western ideas. And their relationship to the New Testament.

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  1. BBN Bible Institute 

BBN offers a free online Bible program with three levels of study.

Anyone may enroll because it is a free online Bible course. Each class consists of many classes (100 altogether) and many lessons.

You can listen to a free audio course; then complete the online questions. Over 23269 students have enrolled in this course in the past 365 days.

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  1. Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary

Christian theology covers the basis of Christian faith through the Bible.

This free online bible course will promote your personal growth. Also, it will allow you to teach the fundamental Christian faith to others.

This open online course plan focuses on the relationship between culture and theology.

The purpose of this free online Bible course is to teach people to include God in all aspects of life. You will also learn how to understand people’s lives and ways of thinking.

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  1. The foundation of spiritual growth

The foundation of Spiritual growth is an introductory course for teaching spiritual growth.

This course will also show you how to devote yourself to the Christian life fully.

You will also learn how to establish an attitude towards faith and expectations. In this way, you can also avoid the temptation of the devil.

The class also explained our Lord’s prayer teaching and its meaning. The Lord’s Prayer has provided believers with an example to pray and grow spiritually as a follower of Jesus.

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  1. Jesus in the Bible and Tradition: The Bible and History

The core of this free online Bible course is Jesus as a church entity. It also teaches the religious aspects of Christianity in the Old Testament.

The Bible course provides students with information on significant memories in Christianity.

As a student, you can learn by comparing passages and links in the Bible. Please note that this free course lasts for eight weeks of teaching time.

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  1. Aletheia Logos University

Aletheia Logos University also offers free online courses and traditional university courses.

In this course, you will learn about the birth and death of Jesus Christ. Also, you will know about His resurrection and ascension in the Bible.

The whole class will reveal the Bible’s wisdom and explain it in a modern way during the course. In this way, as students learn to think critically, they will understand the Bible.

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  1. Source of Light Ministries Intl. 

SLM International produces Bible lessons and courses for everybody.

Their material covers many challenging life topics and is relevant for a reader of any age. They are designed to educate, train, challenge, and disciple.

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  1. Conwell Theological Seminary

Faith’s Dimension is a top-notch course as it is not just one class, although students may only take one class. A total of ten sessions together enable students to receive a theological certificate.

These courses and programs are entirely free. You can get the certificate online from the Ockenga Institute, with many options for students and professionals.

Still, students can choose to study an overview of world missions. Or an in-depth study of the New Testament, the Old Testament, or a two-part series in church history.

The course aims to inspire students while keeping students open to faith.

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  1. King’s Online Bible School 

King’s online bible school is a “sub-ministry” of Salt & Light International.

The free online Bible curriculum amounts to a three-year program of higher education.

No exams, no papers, and evaluations- you just read, hear, reflect, and apply biblical truth.

Moreover, you can adapt their courses for group study and classroom instruction too.

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  1. Our Daily Bread University

Our Daily Bread University offers over 60 free online Bible courses. The university divided the lesson plans into about six, which includes:

The university also offers certificates and continuing education credits too.

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  1. Edx

Notre Dame University teaches this course via edX. The course examines the religious aspects of Christianity from the Bible.

In this course, you will learn about the mysteries of Jesus’ life. And how he influenced modern religion.

Students learn by comparing scriptures with relevance in the Bible.

This free course lasts eight weeks, and the university offers it regularly. Besides, this course introduces students to essential people, places, and events in Israel.

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  1. This is your Bible

This is your bible strives to teach the Bible clearly and effectively.

Here you will gain access to free online bible courses. Initially, You will be assigned a personal tutor to ask a specific question once you are enrolled.

You will also have access to a library of articles on various Bible topics.

Furthermore, you will find other features and benefits to help you study the Bible. All the content on the website is free.

This course takes full account of the central teachings of the Bible. If you have a certain level of biblical knowledge, you will find this course very useful.

Yet, you can still find it valuable even if you are unfamiliar with the Bible.

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  1. Theology and life courses by the Gospel Coalition

This is another excellent free online Bible course to learn about God’s word.

In this course, you will learn the truth of God’s word from the lives of seven great theologians. The classes, which include articles and video lectures, are categorized by topics.

The topics include:

The Gospel Coalition helps the Church focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ with their free course.

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  1. Grace Christian University Bible College

Grace Christian University offers free online Bible study courses with certificates. Also, you can enroll in their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Bible study.

Grace Christian University provides this course for people without financial ability. You can take advantage of the class today to pursue your calling.

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  1. EvanTell 

This is another free online bible course you can enroll in to understand God’s word.

EvanTell is committed to personal evangelism.

EvanTell has been training Christians to share the gospel for over 47 years.

Well-known colleges and universities use their academic courses. They conduct free online evangelism training too.

Each six free Christian sessions online covers a different aspect of evangelism.

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  1. Emmaus Correspondence School 

ECS is a ministry of Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa.

Emmaus Worldwide exists to glorify God by providing bionically-sound resources about the gospel. Firstly, ECS structured its study materials to teach people globally about God’s word.

Also, they publish inexpensive correspondence courses (print and online) and study guides for believers to learn God’s word.

Students have used Emmaus Correspondence School’s classic Courses for the last 75 years. The best way to learn through the courses is with the Foundation Series curriculum.

Plus, you can pick and choose individual classes or follow their suggested curriculum. The study is available in over 100 languages.

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  1. Truth for Today World Mission School 

Bible is the website for Truth for Today World Mission School.

The site now offers online Bible courses for believers who wish to study the scriptures in depth. Their vast database carries 3,000 lessons in English.

It also includes thousands more in other languages.

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  1. World Bible School

World Bible School is an excellent institute where you can enroll in a free bible course online.

Learning from the Bible should be fun, not a burden. There is no time limit and no timetable.

Therefore, you can learn at your convenient time either on the website, postal mail, or email.

Millions of people worldwide learn the word of God through the World Bible School.

If you want to know more about God’s word, you can check out the World Bible School.

The institute provides various free bible online courses for anyone interested in learning God’s word.

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Is this a free online bible course for me?

Are you an ardent servant of God wishing to deepen your knowledge in theology?

Are you a leader in your Church? Or do you have a ministry and need to go deeper into teaching the Bible?

Are you unable to attend a face-to-face course due to your separate schedule?

Can’t afford to pay college tuition because the fees are high?

Do you love theology, and would you like to take the right course accessible and has good content?

So don’t waste time and start this free online bible course today.

In conclusion 

Be careful of online Bible courses. Because it can be a great blessing or a bait.

Some teach the Bible, while others use many other preaching methods to recruit new members to their cult.

These websites usually hide their affiliations from visitors. Also, they introduced and strengthened their false teachings through free courses.

We have reviewed many free online Bible study courses and only the above free bible study passed the review.

Please read all the contents of the Bible and review several comments as you study.


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