15 Best Audio Bible Stories for Kids

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Children are wonderful gifts from God. Undoubtedly, they deserve the beauty and delight of God’s word as much as adults. It is very important that our kids are grounded in Truth right from very tender years.

Even more, discovery and connection with Bible stories will build their faith in Him; and help them develop the strength of true character. So, if you’ve been looking for great tools for communicating God’s Word to your kids, look no further!

There’s good news for you! I have found an awesome list of the 15 best audio Bible stories for kids to engage with and enjoy.

Here they are:

 1. The Beginner’s Bible Audio: Timeless Children’s Stories

First, this amazing book is among the best-loved Bible storybooks, now available in audio form! You can introduce children to the stories and characters of the Bible in a memorable way.

Meanwhile, its compelling narration, music, and sound effects undeniably bring more than 90 Bible stories to come to life. Certainly, kids will enjoy the adventures of Noah and the animals, Jonah praying inside the fish, and much more. Come along for this amazing ride with The Beginner’s Bible.

  1. 365 Bible Stories for Kids

Children adore Bible stories, especially when they are written in age-appropriate, easy-to-understand language. Even more, this tool has a year’s supply of the best-loved Bible stories that will delight your children.

Altogether, the excitement, adventure, history, and spiritual truths of the Bible are masterfully presented. Equally, at the end of each story, you’ll find questions to help stimulate discussion. And help precious young minds understand God’s Word and grow in faith today.

3.The Story of the Bible, Volume I: The Old Testament

Children should not just read the Bible. They should also experience it. In The Story of the Bible, young listeners will discover not only the sanctity and wisdom of God’s word.

Additionally, they will witness the excitement of the stories and events that shaped human history and brought about our salvation. Unquestionably, this series is unlike anything else in the market. First, it uses the schoolhouse model approach, where children of all ages can engage with the content.

Second, in this audio-book, your children can visit the Garden of Eden and board Noah’s ark. Third,  follow Moses through the Red Sea, witness Samson’s strength, and listen to David’s harp. Also, enter the lion’s den with Daniel, and learn God’s plan from the prophets.

Furthermore, the closing summary provides context for each story and reveals a lesson for daily life. Help the children in your life come to know and love the Bible through this groundbreaking series. Their encounter with Scripture will never be the same.

Additionally, family members of all ages can also enjoy its inspiring music and more than 3,000 engaging sound effects! It promises to be a journey of a lifetime.

  1. Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids: The Gospel in 52 Five-Minute Bible Stories By Phil Vischer

This Bible for Kids will guide listeners from Genesis to Revelation, retelling beloved Bible stories.  Secondly, it will tackle tricky questions like, What is sin? and What is the Trinity?

More so, each story is vividly illustrated and takes just five minutes to listen to. Also, it includes a family connection to encourage family Bible study and help listeners learn, talk, and pray together! Without a doubt, it is a wonderful tool that makes applying the Bible easier.

  1. Night Bible Stories: 30 Stories for Bedtime by Amy Parker

Army Parker’s storybook has it all! First, it has several enjoyable bedtime Bible stories. Interestingly, Night Night Bible Stories includes 30 stories from the Old and New Testaments told in narration.

Secondly, each Bible story features rhyming takeaways to remind little ones of God’s love and care along with a sweet bedtime prayer. Some of the inspiring stories include: When the World Was Made. The World’s Bravest Queen. An Angel Visits Mary. Jesus Lives. And Go Tell the World!

Undoubtedly, you can share these timeless messages of faith from the Bible with your kids at bedtime. Certainly,  Night Night Bible Stories will help your little ones fall asleep feeling safe and loved.

  1. The Story of the Bible, Volume II: The New Testament

This is an amazing follow-up to the Old Testament version. Let your children be immersed in the power of the Bible. Interestingly, your kids can bow at the manager alongside Mary in the stable when listening to this amazing story.

Next, witness, Christ resists the Devil’s temptations, multiply the loaves and fishes, heal the sick, and raise the dead. Additionally, experience His passion and death, and be a part of His glorious resurrection, as well as ascension.

Hear the Holy Spirit come like fire at Pentecost on the apostles. Also, watch them launch out into the world to become the foundation of the Church. And enjoy its large collection of inspiring music and more than 3,000 engaging sound effects.

Definitely, our kids will come to know and love the Bible through this innovative series. As well as encounter Jesus like never before.

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  1. Superheroes: Bible Bedtime Stories for Kids

Does your child love a superhero? Someone with amazing powers who saves the day in the nick of time and you can look up to?

Would they like to hear about these amazing people in a Bible storybook that has all the thrills they are looking for? Watch the Holy Spirit convey superpowers to God’s children that include flying, healing, invulnerability to death, and many more.

In this awesome audio-book, your child will uncover a world of wonder that is often overlooked. One where ordinary people do extraordinary things that have lived on for centuries.

Witness the parting of the Red Sea to aid the escape of the Israelites. Be a part of the unequal fight between David and Goliath, and much more. Let your kids learn from these evergreen stories. Let them follow in the footsteps of these heroes and heroines of the past.

      8. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.

Are you looking for a way to teach the children in your life about God’s undying and forever love?  Look no further than The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Other kids’ Bibles contain stories from the Old and New Testaments. However, this one goes much deeper.

It tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible, pointing to Jesus as our Savior. As the Story unfolds, children will clearly see that Jesus is at the center of God’s great salvation story. They’ll also discover that He is at the center of their story too.

The Jesus Storybook Bible visually brings scripture to life for children ages 4-12. It contains 21 stories from the Old Testament and 23 stories from the New Testament.

Additionally, it features the best-selling writing of Sally Lloyd-Jones narrated by actor David Suchet. Take your kids on this unforgettable adventure today!

  1. The Bible Comes Alive Series (Dramatized): Album 2

This great resource offers dramatized audio stories for children of all ages from the Bible. This album covers Israel’s travels in the desert.

It then moves down through Biblical History to the story of Saul and David. The intrigues, emotions, and lessons of these stories are significantly felt. The Bible indeed comes alive for your child.

  1.  Bible Story Book for Kids

Looking for an important tool to teach your children about the wonderful Bible? Do you want them to know all the awesome promises it holds? If so, then this is the tool for you!

The stories presented are interspersed with quotes from the Bible. They enhance the story-line and help children to get used to the language used in the original translation.

This book is based on the New American Standard Bible translation of the Bible. Therefore, it is appropriate for anyone interested in learning about the Bible!

No drama is spared in these stories. There is love, betrayal, evil plots, and brave handsome heroes. There are unsung heroines, who, although they are not always mentioned, play an integral role in shaping the Bible. They will witness the awesome move of God all across the ages.

Furthermore, they’ll understand that it doesn’t matter how far society degrades into confusion. God’s promise to help us live powerful, righteous lives instill ever active. Your child will see that Bible stories can be even more exciting than their favorite movie or book!

  1. God Always Keeps His Promises: Unshakable Hope for Kids

Share God’s faithfulness and love with your child through this wonderful book. Based on the promises of God, children will see that God is completely trustworthy to keep His promises. Just like He did in Bible times. Just like He does for them today.

Since the beginning of time, God has kept His promises. Children will witness the stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, Esther, Paul, and many more. Through them, they will learn about the character and nature of God and His unending love for His people.

Each chapter features a promise from God accompanied by a story example from the Bible. Additionally, it offers an application for kids today.

Max Lucado’s loving approach makes it possible for even the youngest children to understand God’s tenderness toward them.

Through compelling stories, Max will guide your family through God’s unfailing goodness and faithfulness through the promises He made. You’ll understand how He kept those promises in Bible times and how He still keeps them even today.

  1. The Child’s Story Bible

First published more than 50 years ago, this much-loved Bible storybook continues to instruct and delight today’s families. The narration is beautiful and engaging, guaranteed to immerse your child in the power of God’s word.  Build their faith in Him today with this great resource.

  1. The Action Bible New Testament: God’s Redemptive Story

Some heroes changed the world… for eternity. The heroes and stories of the Bible come to life in this New Testament edition of The Action Bible. Through dramatic reading and realistic sound effects, the events of Scripture explode in a powerful, exciting new way.

Familiar characters turn into champions of faith, and often-heard tales become exciting stories of God’s power. Also, the New Testament’s big picture unfolds right from the birth of Jesus to His resurrection and return.

The storytelling makes the Bible’s message clear while capturing all the drama, impact, and truth of Scripture. Careful attention to biblical accuracy keeps things trustworthy. It is perfect for today’s kids – and adults with a child’s heart of wonder. Undoubtedly, this remains one of the greatest stories ever, brought to life in a whole new light.

  1. Bible Bedtime Stories: Old Testament By Astrid Stromberg

This exclusive audio book edition is the most entertaining way you’ll ever read Bible bedtime stories! Listen to all of the stories together with the kids in your life in a delightfully interactive manner. You can even join the voice actors and act out the parts! Every story is adapted directly from the Old Testament.

This book, along with its companion Bible Bedtime Stories: New Testament, are now amazing Audible books. The book is complete with a full cast of professional actors, from Audio Drama Productions.

They voice all the biblical characters expressed in both books. You need to allow your children to experience this astounding audio book and be thrust into the reality that everything is truly possible with God.

  1. New Testament Bible Stories for Children with 100 Children’s Bible Songs By American Bible Society.

This engaging audio recording is the contemporary English version of the New Testament. It is a dramatized word-for-word narration featuring multiple talented voices. They bring the Holy Scriptures alive in a manner that will captivate the interest and attention of children and their parents.

Unlike all others, it includes 100 best-loved children’s Bible songs interspersed strategically throughout the narration, which complement the text. Your kids can’t be left out on this bandwagon of pure joy!


You’ll agree with me that these Best Audio Bible Stories for Kids are absolutely amazing for our kids. Let’s bring our young ones under the influence of God’s unchanging Word. By the time they’re older, they will become strengthened in their minds.

Evidently, because they already understand that challenges and storms of life are nothing before the awesome power of God. Surely, their relationship with God will become solid. Our kids will consequently become valuable both to His Kingdom and to society.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your kids come along for this wondrous journey with any of these 15 best audio Bible stories for kids today!


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