Bible Commentary Apps: Top 15 Best

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Bible Study apps undoubtedly help us engage more with God’s word and develop spiritually.

In the same way, they build up and strengthen our faith. But figuring out which one is the best for you among hundreds of others can be quite overwhelming.

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Thankfully, you don’t have to do all that work. I decided to do some research and curate a wholesome list for you.

Every single one of these apps is available on all the App stores.

Hence, all you need to do is, go ahead and download any. Or as many as you’d like from my list of the top 15 best Bible commentary apps.

Here, let’s go over The Top 15 Best Bible Commentary Apps:

  1. Bible Commentary Text by Duncan Heaster.

Bible Commentary Text developed by Duncan Heaster is full of a lot of value.

Completely in the New European version, it offers deeper commentary on every verse.

It also offers daily devotionals, a reading planner, plus a Bible Study course.

Furthermore, it has an interesting audio feature that allows users to engage better with messages in every chapter.

With this fabulous app, you can also study the Bible at whatever level you desire.

It is very convenient to use, and completely ad-free. For a bonus, it even offers a free hard copy, post-free Bible.

The features of this exciting app are too relevant to pass up.

  1. Bible Study- Dictionary, Commentary, Concordance by Igor Apps.

This terrific Bible Study app offers all the tools you need for Bible study free of charge.

Its King James study Bible offers different reading plans and many features to make the experience memorable.

Likewise, it boasts of a great Concordance packed with information from lexicons and clickable numbers.

Also, it provides Matthew Henry’s well-known six-volume Exposition of both the old and new testaments.

Its complete Bible Commentary will provide you with a complete verse-by-verse study of the Bible.

This International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia is packed with detailed explanations/historical information on every significant Bible word.

You can add morning and evening devotionals by C.H. Spurgeon to its user-friendly interface and you’re good to go.

  1. Study Bible Commentary

If you’re looking for an easy-to-read study Bible with audio features, then Study Bible Commentary is for you.

This app gives you access to the original Scofield Reference Bible.

Whether you’re grounded or on the move, its audio feature is perfect for convenience and connection.

Its modern design allows you to personalize your study with notes, bookmarks, reading, night mode, and many more.

You can also share verses via text message, email, and social media.

What’s more, you can access this awesome deal totally offline! Engaging with and sharing God’s amazing love has never been easier!

  1. KJV Commentary Bible

The KJV Commentary Bible lets you read and listen to, whether or not you are online.

It comes with Reverend Matthew Henry’s six-volume complete commentary, a blessing to all Bible readers.

Moreover, its user-friendly and modern interface makes engaging with its rich content easy and enjoyable.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the features to save your favorite verses.

More so, this impressive Bible Commentary is modernly designed for you. You can search in chapters or verses by keyword.

Another impressive thing about KJV Bible Commentary App is that it has a history.

Meaning, it actually remembers the last read verse and chapter.

Plus, you can share the Bible verse you like with friends and family via text message or social media.

And search in chapters or verses by keywords. I highly recommend this app for a beautiful and rewarding Bible study experience.

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  1. Spurgeon Bible Commentary

The Spurgeon Bible Commentary allows you to savor the richness of God’s word in audio form.

It offers the Bible informative notes and subheadings. Along with this comes a ton of features that allow you to personalize the app to suit your preferences.

Meanwhile, more incredible features have been added to enhance the user experience.

These include audio Bible,  Bible with notes and subheadings, bookmarking, and highlighting.

The feature allows you to save your favorite verses in a list and add word study notes.

Lastly, the great news is, all of these values are accessible offline.

Spurgeon Bible Commentary is a great app to engage with the Bible and strengthen your spiritual muscles.

  1. Matthew Henry Bible Commentary

Matthew Henry Bible Commentary possesses a dense and rich collection of the renowned Reverend’s commentaries of the KJV Bible.

Its smart design by Android guidelines ensures you enjoy every bit of time you spend on it. Ease and speed are guaranteed with its user-friendly features.

These features include font changes, social media sharing, clickable links to KJV verses, etc. I particularly love the fact that it supports words in italic, bold, colors.

As well as the feature that allows you to set the day or night mode. Also, you can easily navigate to a particular commentary of a Bible verse.

The app even allows you to highlight or underline words. Overall, this great app provides a fast, easy-to-use, and convenient way to Study the Bible.

  1. Expositor’s Bible Commentary

The expositor’s Bible is one of the most popular standards of informative commentaries.

Interestingly, it was compiled by twenty-nine eminent scholars of the day who are also full-time preachers.

Its inter-denominational background promises you a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Additionally, it conclusively demonstrates the profound realities and essentials of the Christian faith.

This is basically because it shows how faith is to be preached with conviction and persuasiveness.

Furthermore, this Gold Medallion Award-winning Bible commentary has become a staple for pastors and students of the Bible alike.

I recommend it for an exciting engagement with the Scripture.

  1. Pulpit Bible Commentary

The Pulpit Bible Commentary is one of the largest and best-selling sets of its kind.

Drawn from over 100 trustworthy authors over a 30-year time span.

It is packed full of deep and detailed expositions from God’s word.

The commentary has over 22,000 pages and 95,000 entries from a total of 23 volumes.

In addition, this amazing Bible Commentary adds detailed information on biblical customs, historical and geographical information.

As well as translations of key Hebrew and Greek words to help spice up your study of the Scripture.

Altogether, you’ll gain radical insights/ideas on how to preach the gospel with a deep understanding and a fiery passion.

The app makes all of these really easy to engage with, with clickable links to  Bible verses. And a modern interface and so on.

  1. The Study Bible by Grace to You.

This Bible Commentary app provides a mind-blowing wealth of resources that will help you understand.

As well as apply God’s Word to your daily life. With the app, you have immediate access to its rich sermon archive which features over 3,000 full-length messages.

You can read or listen to the Scripture in the English Standard Version (ESV).

The New American Standard (NAS), and the King James Version (KJV). I love the fact that we can also choose to show or hide verse numbers for a truly exciting read.

It is easy to personalize and sync your data across several devices. Besides, you have access to nearly 25,000 detailed comments by John MacArthur explaining almost every passage in the Bible.

Along with the notes are dozens of articles, charts, maps, and introductions to each book of the Bible. It is definitely worth your while.

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  1. Amplified Study Bible

This Amplified Study Bible is very perfect for you! With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

It gives you the opportunity to read or listen to the Bible on your phone or tablet.

Likewise, you can enjoy hundreds of notes, commentaries, and explanations of verses from the renowned Matthew Henry.

The app is loaded to help you better understand and apply the Scripture for victorious daily living.

I appreciate the fact that with this Bible commentary app, you can easily access all chapters of the Bible.

Secondly, you can select and bookmark verses and create a list of favorites.

Thirdly, you have access to keyword research. Summarily, with this app, you can take God’s Word with you everywhere.

  1. KJV Study Bible

You will find this awesome app very rewarding, regardless of your Bible study level.

KJV study Bible provides vast verse-by-verse explanations, remarks, and notes.

Plus the fact that you don’t need an internet connection to use this app, as it is totally free and offline.

Meanwhile, it possesses abundant user-friendly features that will make your experience an amazing one.

You also get to receive verses of God’s Word with beautiful and inspiring pictures daily.

Moreover, this impressive app introduces new features including the ability to search verses using keywords, bookmark, and highlight verses.

You can also make a list of favorites, copy, paste, share verses, adjust font size.

As well as helps you remember the last book read when you reopen the app. You can add notes to any verse and make a list by creating the date.

Surprisingly, this app links verses related to topics. It also gives you access to the verse of the day with beautiful and inspiring images daily.

These images can be shared on social media. More so, you have access to inspiring verses at your fingertips whenever you want them.

In all, you get to receive a verse of the Bible each time you receive a call.

  1. KJV Study Bible, Concordance, Strong’s Concordance

This app provides a concordance you can completely rely on as a companion in a Bible study.

It allows you to choose from the basic historical and specified reading plans for 90, 180, and 365 days.

This app is complete with Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries and lexicons. And it is a great tool for a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Also, its interface is easy to use and promises a wholesome experience.

  1. John Calvin’s Commentary

John Calvin’s Commentary presents a complete and unabridged classic Bible commentary.

It is compiled by Bible scholar John Calvin, one of the most influential of all time.

Meanwhile, it shows an incredible command of the Scripture. The commentary presents this profound content in a user-friendly manner.

You’ll find its clear and articulate style very valuable to understanding God’s word.

Its graceful and inspiring delivery brings us right back to the basics. And opens the path to a sound relationship with the Lord.

  1. Study Bible by FaithLife

The FaithLife study Bible is almost too good to be true!

First, it remains a marvelous tool to feed your curiosity about God, His will, and His work.

Secondly, it promises intriguing insights from a ton of robust study notes.

Thirdly, it’s visually stunning graphics that bring the ancient world within the Bible to life took me by storm!

Essentially, it enlightens and informs your faith in a modern interface you can personalize to suit your tastes.

Many popular Bible translations such as NIV, ESV, NKJV, NASB, etc are available.

It boasts of the Lexham English Bible and Bible Dictionary, with over 7,000 articles. With a 365-day devotional plan and over 400 photos, videos, and infographics, this platform is indeed a force to reckon with.

  1. Tecarta Bible

Tecarta Bible app brings your personal Bible study to life.

I’ve explored some of the magnificent features including a split-screen capability for viewing parallel translations or your own notes.

You can also synchronize all your notes and bookmarks, highlights across all your IOS or Android devices.

Plus, with its rich content fully downloadable, you can engage it offline. It promises an awesome and fulfilling experience with the undying word of God.


The Top 15 Best Bible Commentary Apps that I have carefully explained their features are powerful Bible study tools.

You basically need them in order to deepen your convictions about God. Whichever you pick, you will find that your  Bible study life will never be the same again.

All your preferences, schedules, and devices are completely catered for. These Bible Commentary apps will pull you deeper into the power of God’s word.

They will increase your understanding and strengthen your relationship with God, all in an atmosphere made just for you!


Is an Ordained Minister and Life Coach. He is an ordained minister since 1988. Shortly after receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he answered the call to ministry.

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