Benefits of God’s Glory: 13 Important

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We talk a lot about the benefits of God’s glory. But what is God’s glory? Why is it important to Christians, and why should we seek after glory?

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands Psalm 19:11(NIV)

Well, God’s glory reflects his true nature. It describes the manifestation of God’s presence as perceived by man. It refers to who God is, that’s his greatness and attributes.

Glorifying God is part of our Christian walk. Psalm 29:2 says we should give God the glory due to his name.  Believers need to give glory to God because it is something that he deserves.

The more you know God, the more you will want to know him. But how does he reveal his glory? We see it in what he has created. Psalms 19:1 tells us that the heavens declare God’s glory, and the skies the work of his hands.

Another way that God reveals his glory is through his manifested presence.

Living in the Atmosphere of God’s Glory

Many Christians are struggling with depression and fear.

Sadly, most of us cannot admit that we are living this way. We fear being judged by other church folks. If you are struggling with fear and anxiety, it is okay to admit it.

But you do not have to live that way. Today, choose to move from the atmosphere of depression, negativity, and doubt into the atmosphere of God’s glory.

How do you manifest the glory of God?

Spiritual hunger

The visible power of God is known as Shekinah’s glory.  In the Old Testament, we see this glory appearing in the form of fire, smoke, and cloud.

Stir up your spiritual hunger by asking God to fill you up with his presence. When you pursue God passionately through worship, you receive great outpourings from him.

Contrary to what some Christians believe, we can still see these great manifestations of God today. But you need to have a spiritual hunger for you to see these manifestations.

Like other things in your spiritual life, you need faith to experience God’s glory in your life.

You cannot see the glory of God if you are not expecting it.

Through Prayer

Most of us would love to see the manifestation of God’s glory the way people did in the Old Testament. But we never ask God to manifest his presence in our lives.

If you want to experience the glory of God, you need to ask God to manifest his presence in your life. Moses asked God to show him his glory in Exodus 33:18, and God did.

Every Christian can manifest God’s glory here on earth; we only need to ask.

Honour God’s glory

You attract that which you honor. See, God is not going to manifest himself in your life so that you can brag about it. If you want God to manifest himself in you and through you, honor his glory.

Walk-in love

To experience the fullness of God’s glory, you need to walk in love because God is love. Do not expect God’s presence to manifest in your life fully if you do not love others.

If someone has offended you, forgive them. If you have offended someone, ask for forgiveness, and choose to walk in love. As we have already seen, you cannot operate in God’s glory without faith.  But here’s the thing faith works by love.

So there is no way you can experience God’s fullness without having love in your heart. Start practicing these four things, and when you do that, you will see God’s glory manifesting in your life.

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13 Important Benefits of God’s Glory.

1. The Glory of God will change your heart.

One of the benefits of God’s glory is a change of heart. When God manifests his presence in your life, you get to know who he really is.

That is to say, God’s glory reveals his attributes to us.  When Moses asked God to reveal his glory to him, God answered by showing him who he was.

Moses got to see the true nature of God. He learned that God was long-suffering, loving, patient, and kind. This revelation made Moses fall down on his knees and worship God.

Moses had known God as a Miracle worker and deliverer.  But when God manifested his glory to him, he got to understand who he is, and his heart was changed. (Exodus 34:8)

If you want a change of heart, then ask God to manifest his glory in your life.

Seeing how much he loves you, his patience, and kindness towards you will help to change your heart. Like Moses, you will start to worship God for who he really is.

2. Brings Correction.

The way parents discipline their children is the way God disciplines us. He does that so that we can walk in a way that is pleasing to him.

When Isaiah had a revelation of God’s glory, he immediately became aware of his sin. He cried out, ‘Woe to me! I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips (Isaiah 6:5).

God’s glory will expose your heart and show you who you are. It will show you the things that you should not do and those that you should stop doing.

Okay, let’s be clear on this. God will not strike you with thunder and lightning. He will not strike you with diseases or kill your loved one to discipline you.

God will correct you gently when you are wrong.

3. It helps you step into your divine appointment.

Before Isaiah was commissioned to do God’s work, he had a revelation of God’s glory (Isaiah 6). The way he revealed himself to Isaiah,  God will reveal himself to you before you step into your divine appointment.

Ask God to reveal his glory to you so that you can know what he wants you to do. You will get to know what lies ahead of you and how to do it.

4. God’s glory leads to revealed instructions.

For us to live in the plans God has laid out for us, we need to know those plans. Not just that, but we need God’s direction so that we can know how to accomplish his plans.

Moses had to spend time in God’s presence before he got the ten commandments. The Bible says when he went up to the mountain, the glory of the Lord settled on the mountain.

The Israelites saw the glory of God as a consuming fire while Moses saw it as a cloud. (Exodus 24: 15-18)

To do great things for the kingdom of God, you need God’s glory to be upon your life. His glory will cause you to have a revelation about your purpose.

5. Transforms Us into His Likeness.

You cannot have a full revelation of God’s glory and remain the same. When you spend time in God’s presence, he will transform you into the image of his son Jesus.

When Moses spent time in God’s presence, his face started to glow. So much so that the Israelites became afraid, and he had to cover it up.

We can also experience transformation and become more like Jesus when we spend time in scripture. The word of God opens us up to experience the glory of God.

God's Glory

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6. Humbles us.

The Bible tells us that Moses was the meekest man on earth. Now it is hard for people to call you meek once they know that you committed murder in the past.

In this current world, people will always judge you based on your mistakes. Thankfully God is not like that. He described Moses as a meek man. But how did Moses become meek? He spent time in the presence of God.

When you experience God’s glory in fullness, you will become humble like Moses. His glory will cause you to understand how loving and forgiving God is towards you.

When you get this revelation, it will humble you just like Moses.

7. You will be Faithfully Guided.

God reveals his plans to us bit by bit. Why does he do that? He wants you to rely on him.

See, If God revealed everything to us, most of us would forget about him and chase after other things. We would not rely on him fully for guidance.

It is through spending time with him that he guides us in the way that we should go. He gives us direction on what to do so that we can walk in his ways and glorify his name.

8. Exposes Our Motives.

The Bible says that the human heart is wicked. You may think that you are doing everything for the glory of God, but when it is not true.

God helps us know if all that we do is for his glory or our own glory. Since you cannot judge your own heart perfectly, you need a revelation of God’s glory.

His glory will help you weigh the motives of your heart so that you set it in the right direction. When your heart is right, you will enjoy all the benefits of God’s glory.

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9. Causes your Enemies to Bow.

Maybe you have been struggling with some things for a long time. You are fed up, and you want them gone! But the problem is no matter what you try, the problem doesn’t seem to go away.

There could be some generational curses that have been in your family lineage for a long. You need them to be uprooted so that you can be set free.

When God’s glory manifests in your life, even problems that have been in your family for generations will bow down. See, God cannot share his glory with another. So demons will not continue terrorizing you.

10. God will Receive Praise and Glory.

When God’s glory is upon your life, you will experience a great transformation that will be seen by other people. The best part is, God’s name will be praised.

Pursue God’s glory because he is worthy of glory. The results of glory will be miracles, healing, signs, and wonders. When people see the great things that God does through you, they glorify him.

11. Brings Change in your Relationships.

Can you genuinely say that you treat other people well, right? The transformation that is brought by God’s glory causes us to treat others well. God reveals to us his glory, that is, his goodness, kindness, and patience.

In the same measure, he expects you to show those same attributes to other people. As you continue to spend time in God’s presence, you start to value others. You will start to see them from the lens of God’s grace.

12. God’s Glory Activates Faith.

On the day of Pentecost, when the glory of the Lord came upon the disciples’ faith was activated. They started to speak in tongues, and other people were able to see the manifestation of the glory of God.

You may be struggling with your faith right now. The solution is not to give up, it is to spend time in the glory of God. The glory of God will not allow you to stay down when life knocks you down.

It will lift your faith, and you will be able to do great exploits for the Kingdom.

13. Commands Unusual Favor.

To fulfill the plans that God has for you, you need his favor to be upon you. For Joseph to rise to the ranks God wanted him to reach, God’s favor had to be upon his life.

The glory of God will command unusual favor upon your life. You will go from glory to glory.

In conclusion.

God’s glory is the manifestation of God’s presence as perceived by man. With so many benefits of God’s glory, we need to actively seek after it.

Every Christian can live in an atmosphere of God’s glory. Spiritual hunger, prayer, honor, and walking in love will enable you to live in the atmosphere of his glory.

When we allow God to manifest his presence in our lives, we become transformed into the image of God.

His glory will command uncommon favor, bring change in relationships, and cause your enemies to bow.  God’s glory also activates our faith.

When the glory of God manifests in your life, it helps you to step into your divine appointment. It exposes the motives of our hearts and leads to revealed instructions.

The manifestation of God’s glory was not just for the Old Testament, all believers can experience it.  We only need to ask.

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