Benefits of God’s Presence: Top 15 Proven

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Surely the righteous will praise your name, and the upright will live in your presence.Psalm140:13 NIV

Do you know that there are so many great benefits of God’s presence in your life?

Well, you probably said yes. But do you feel his presence all the time, or is he close sometimes and distant other times?

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We cannot fulfill our purpose without God’s presence. Anything outside God’s presence leads to struggle and pain. It opens up doors for the enemy to take charge of our lives.

To understand the presence of God, you need to know the three dimensions of God’s presence.

The first one is God is omnipresent, he is everywhere even if you don’t recognize or experience his presence.

The second one is God’s indwelling presence. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and God dwells in you.

So, God’s presence is with you always. The third dimension is the manifest presence of God. It is when we are aware of God’s presence.

Let us get ready to discover the awesome benefits of God’s presence

How to Seek God’s Presence

Our awareness of God’s presence is vital. You can be a believer for many years and still not be aware of the presence of God.

That’s why you need to seek God’s presence, especially in times when you feel he is far away from you.

So how does one seek his presence?

By spending time alone in prayer

God draws near to us when we draw near to him. That is why you need to pray without ceasing. The more time you spend with God, the more you become aware of his presence.


Sin blocks us from experiencing the presence of God. When Adam and Eve sinned, they were cast out of God’s presence. (Genesis 3:23)

It could be that you are not experiencing God’s presence because of sin. Please understand that God doesn’t abandon you when you sin, it is you who leaves him because of guilt.

When you repent, you start to experience his presence again.

Study the Word of God

To experience the benefits of God’s presence, you need to study scriptures. The word of God helps us to sense God’s power in our lives. It makes us sensitive to spiritual matters. 

So make it a habit to study and meditate on it day and night. 

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Here are the top fifteen Proven Benefits of God’s Presence

1. God’s Presence Brings Joy

Are you broken?  Do you feel like all hope is lost? Are you tired of being happy one minute and sad the next?

Having the joy of the Lord will cause you to live a happy and fulfilled life. The joy of the Lord should be your strength. But that is not possible if you are not close to God. 

The closer you get to God, the easier it will be for you to be aware of his presence.

The Bible tells us in Psalms 16:11 that God fills us with joy when we are in his presence. 

 2. Spiritual Growth

It is by being in the presence of God that you’re able to know who he is. You also get to see why he loves you so much and your identity in Christ.

 If you are feeling stagnant in your spiritual walk, spend time in God’s presence. His presence is powerful. It helps us to transform into the image of God and to grow spiritually.

3. Divine Rest

Are you feeling restless and tired?  Are the challenges of life, making you feel overwhelmed?  Do you wish you can just get a moment of rest in your life?

Every child of God has been bought at a price, Jesus paid for you to find rest.  A vacation sounds nice, but the truth is its effects will only last for a moment.

Real rest comes from spending time in the presence of God. You only need to walk in it daily.

 The word of God tells us to labor to enter his rest.  But how do we do that?  It is by spending time with God and allowing him to reveal himself to us. 

The presence of God takes away every anxious thought and frees us from everything that burdens our souls. It will cause you to find rest amid trouble.

4. Freedom from sin

Even though we have given our lives to Christ, we still sin because our flesh wages war against our spirit. We are told in the word of God that anyone who claims not to sin is a liar.

Sin always causes us to live in condemnation and separates us from God. Now, understand that God never leaves us. We are the ones that stop relating with him freely because of sin.

Just like Adam and Eve, we start to avoid God by hiding from him when we live in known sin.

To ensure that sin does not have dominion over us, we need to spend time in the presence of God.

Light and darkness cannot coexist; that is why a room turns bright when you switch on the light.

God is light, and that means when you dwell in his presence, sin becomes powerless, and you walk in freedom.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will not mess up. But it means that you will overcome sin because God will strengthen you in your inner being.

5. It removes Insecure Thoughts

When the spirit of God departed from Saul, an evil spirit entered him. Saul stopped being bold and became very insecure. (1 Samuel 16:14)

You will always be insecure if you don’t spend time in the presence of God. Being in God’s presence always leaves us feeling strong and secure.

You will feel safe even when all odds are against you.

Benefits of God's Presence

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6. Wisdom

James wrote that if anyone wants wisdom, they should seek it from God. 

So many people are knowledgeable, but very few know how to apply the knowledge that they’ve acquired into their lives. 

Wisdom is essential; it enables you to know how to apply the knowledge you have in different situations in life.

Instead of trying so hard to acquire wisdom your way, go before the presence of God and ask.

7. Peace

Attempting to control external circumstances always leaves us worn out and troubled. 

Having the peace of God does not mean you do not have a problem.  You can have peace that surpasses all understanding in the storm.

Peace is the fruit of experiencing the love of God. You can only experience it when you spend time in His presence.

As you relax into God’s presence, his peace floods your heart, and you are able to rest.

The truth is things will not get better in this world. If anything, they will go from bad to worse.

Our source of peace should be the Lord. Being in his presence will cause us to be in tune with the Holy Spirit. It shall also bring peace to our hearts.

8. Confidence

You will end up being miserable if you put your hope in people.  The same cannot be said about God. 

Spending time in His presence will open up your eyes to his unconditional love. And this will cause you to become confident.

Jesus Christ spent time in the presence of his Father, and that is why he was very confident. 

What people said or did to him did not cause him to lose confidence.

Even though the world hated him, he remained confident because he knew God loved him so much.

9. Not yielding to the Flesh

 A carnal person has his mindset on the things of this world.  While a spiritually-minded person has their mindset on God. (Romans 8:5-7)

But here’s the thing; since we are in a battle, we always find ourselves struggling. 

There are times we are spiritually minded. But other times, we find ourselves struggling with carnality, especially when we allow other things to take God’s place. 

One of the great benefits of God’s presence is it causes us to be spiritually minded.  And here’s the best part you will not yield to the flesh when you become spiritually-minded.

10. Desire to please God

You cannot practice the presence of God and come out the same.  God’s presence will remove every evil desire from your heart and fill it with the desire for God. 

We were created to worship God, that is our primary purpose in this world.  But it is not something that comes naturally because of sin.

Being intentional about practicing the presence of God will lead to an overflow of the desire to please God.

11. Helps us to fulfill our destiny

Before God uses someone, his presence needs to be with that person. 

We can see this throughout the Bible. Before Saul could become king, the presence of the Lord filled him up, and he became a different person.

Peter denied Jesus. But on the day of Pentecost, when the presence of God filled the upper room, Peter was transformed.

He became a bold preacher that willingly died because of his faith in Christ. 

The plans God has for us are usually bigger than us.  It is only the presence of God that can enable us to fulfill those plans.

12. God’s Presence gives us Divine Protection

God promises us in his word that he will never leave us nor forsake us. The Bible tells us that even in the fire, God will be with us. This means that God’s presence is very important in our lives because it offers divine protection.

For the children of Israel to reach the promised land, they needed God’s protection.  God was with them all through the journey. He was the pillar of fire by night and the pillar of cloud by day.

We can try to protect ourselves, but God’s protection is the best. Our heavenly Father is everywhere, and he knows how to shield us in all our ways.

You don’t have to fear the storms of life when God’s presence is with you. God fights on our behalf, and he shields us from every manner of evil.

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13. Divine Power

The kingdom of God is not about mere talk.

It is about the demonstration of divine power.  But unlike the power of the world where people use influence, money, and weapons to showcase their power.

The divine power of God is felt when we practice the presence of God.

The devil will fight you so hard so that you do not have an intimate relationship with God. 

Do you know why he does that? It is because he knows that a Christian who practices the presence of God is mighty. 

He knows that you cannot be easily influenced by the kingdom of darkness.

The Bible says the kingdom of heaven faces violence, but it is violent that takes it by force. 

This does not mean that you should start fighting the devil using physical weapons like guns. 

Our weapons of warfare are found in the presence of God. (Matthew 11:2)

Benefits of God's Presence

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14. Brings Healing

We all go through things that leave us wounded.  Our past experiences leave us hurting and broken. 

Some of this pain cannot be dealt with in our own strength.  We need God’s presence in our life to break us out of the prison of despair and depression.

You cannot spend time in the presence of God and be the same again.  It will shatter every chain of depression that is holding you back.

15. Maturity and Stability

We all desire to become mature Christians.  But for that to happen, we need to commit to the things of God. 

Being consistent in our relationship with God and constantly spending time in His presence will cause us to mature. It will also cause us to become stable in our faith.

This does not mean that we shall not fail, we will from time to time.  There will be those moments of failure, but those times will cause us to grow and mature in faith.

In Conclusion

We need to be intentional about spending time in God’s presence.  It’s only by spending time with him that our joy becomes complete, we grow in faith and fulfill our destiny.

God’s presence is everywhere. But it’s only by accepting Jesus Christ and practicing his presence that we can enjoy the benefits of God’s presence.

Knowing that God is with you and for you will help you to triumph over sin. You will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and become the person that God wants you to be.

Whether you feel it or not, God is always there with you, so do not neglect his presence.

To walk in health, freedom, and experience divine protection, practice the presence of God. His presence will fill you with the desire to please God.

It will also strengthen your faith so that you don’t walk in the flesh. Please share and help others to experience the benefits of God’s presence in their lives.



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