Benefits Of Serving God: The 13 Proven

By David •  Updated: 04/15/21 •  11 min read

Why is it important to know the benefits of serving God? Serving God is the absolute best way to live on this earth.

He has done so much for us and is powerful and willing enough to do so much more. It is an absolute privilege to be in the service of the King of kings.

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The best part is that there are astounding rewards to this. No one works for Him genuinely and goes away empty.

In this article, we will examine the 13 Proven Benefits of Serving God.

Why is serving God so important?

God is All-knowing and All-powerful. He created everything around us, both seen and unseen. Much more than these, He loves us with a pure and perfect love.

Because of this, He has blessed us tremendously. God has given us life, health and has provided for our needs.

Most importantly, He gave His Son to die for our sins so that we can be reconciled to Him. Through this extraordinary sacrifice, we obtain a future and an undying hope.

Even the things we lack now are already covered because He has promised us abundant blessings in His Word. We don’t have to fear because He has the power and total willingness to fulfill every single one of the things we lack.

However, there is one thing we need to understand. The fullness of these blessings can only be accessed when we draw near to and serve Him faithfully. The truth is, there is only so much we can get when we stand afar from Him. 

Serving God is so important because it reflects our total devotion and appreciation to Him. Consequently, we attract His glorious attention to us.

It qualifies us to receive from Him in higher, greater, and deeper dimensions. More so, if we ever want to truly prosper in every aspect of life, we must consciously and faithfully do the things that please His Heart. There is no other way.

What are the 13 benefits of serving God?

God never owes anyone. For those who serve Him acceptably and faithfully, He blesses tremendously. Surprisingly, He even extends these blessings to those around them.

The benefits of serving God are as abundant as they are marvelous. They include:

  1. Deeper and newer understanding of and experience with God
  2. Discovery and development of our spiritual gifts
  3. Power to discover purpose and fulfill it
  4. Experience of miracles.
  5. The privilege of being more like Jesus
  6. Experience of complete joy and peace coming from obedience
  7. Advancement of the Kingdom of God
  8. Connection with like-minded believers
  9. Divine favor and an unlimited supply
  10. Deep and unshakable faith
  11. Divine protection and preservation
  12. Lasting progress and fulfillment
  13. Eternity with God in heaven
  1. Deeper and newer understanding of and experience with God:

Many clearly think about God as a taskmaster and not a loving Father. These wrong perceptions cause us to miss out on establishing and enjoying intimacy with our Heavenly Father. One of the best ways to achieve this is by serving Him.

To do this, we must faithfully follow His leading. When we commit to doing these, we get to understand His nature, voice, and undying love.

In all, serving Him enables us to have a deep and personal relationship with Him.

  1. Discovery and Development of our Spiritual Gifts:

God through the Holy Spirit gives us different spiritual gifts so as to advance His kingdom. However, we do not automatically know them. For some, He reveals to them directly.

Many others have to faithfully engage in God’s work in order to discover these abilities. This is what service to God does. He also empowers us to harness them to their fullest potentials for His glory.

  1. Power to Discover Purpose and fulfill it:

We all obviously have different purposes in this world that lead to the same goal. That is simply the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Our purpose in life is usually attached to those that God has called us to serve.

You can discover the full picture of your purpose in life that easily. Consequently, we study their needs and discover exactly what He expects from us.

  1. Experience of Miracles:

God works with His obedient children. He proves their loyalty to Him by performing great miracles, signs, and wonders for all to see.

The sick get healed, the oppressed delivered, the lost obtain redemption. Practically, He makes the impossible possible through the hands of those that serve Him faithfully.

  1. Experience of complete joy and peace coming from obedience:

The call to serve God is a direct commandment. There are a resounding joy and peace that comes upon all who obey.

To end with, the chaos of this world cannot shake them because they have the backing of the King of kings.

  1. The privilege of being more like Jesus:

It is a proven fact that, the longer we stay with God in service, the more we become like Him: humble, loving, patient.

Aside from His character, a measure of His power and authority is also given to us. He will equip us more and more as we commit our service to Him.

  1. Advancement of the Kingdom of God:

This is God’s supreme desire. He wants to be enthroned in every heart and in every system of humanity. In addition, He wants everyone to come to the knowledge of Him and accept His saving grace.

He wants to pour both spiritual and physical blessings on mankind. Altogether, serving God contributes to bringing this glorious plan into reality.

  1. Connection with like-minded believers:

Alongside Himself, God intended for us to have relationships with others. We cannot serve Him without serving others.

Both believers and unbelievers are our When we show love to them practically, we build lasting and unbreakable connections with them.

  1. Deep and Unshakable Faith:

The more we work with God and witness His mighty and unparalleled move, something begins to happen to us. We attain a deeper and stronger faith.

The unleashing of His awesome power proves over and again that He can do all things. Therefore, we hold on to Him for all we need doggedly.

This is because we understand without a doubt that He will surely intervene.

  1. Divine favor and Unlimited Supply:

The Lord provides all our needs in greater measures than we ever imagined.

He paves way for us and blesses us tremendously in every aspect of our lives.

  1. Divine Protection and Preservation:

God commands an uncountable army of angels. He will always give them a charge to protect and defend those who serve Him from every evil.

No weapon of the enemy can prosper against them. He will preserve them until the end of time.

  1. Lasting Progress and Fulfillment:

God touches every aspect of the lives of those that serve Him.

He gives all-around and enduring progress, which the world cannot help but be in awe of. Serving Him brings fulfillment and deep, soulful satisfaction which cannot be shaken by anything.

  1. Eternity with God in heaven:

This is the greatest reward of serving God. For the unending years of eternity, the faithful servant will be with Him in Heaven.

There is no fear of death or His Second Coming because a glorious destination is evidently.

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Wrong ways of Serving God

As with every other action on earth, there is a right and a wrong way of serving God. For it to be of any value to Him, us, and the world at large, it needs to be done right.

This means that it must be done according to His directives. Those that serve Him wrongly are as guilty as those who don’t at all.

Wrong ways of serving Him include doing it:

What are the consequences of not serving God?

By not serving God as He expects, we exclude ourselves from His Divine agenda. We are indirectly showing gross ingratitude for all He has done for us.

Furthermore, we are indirectly asserting that we do not need Him. Not serving Him faithfully leaves our spiritual accounts empty.

This is a terribly dangerous state to be in.

The consequences of not serving Him include:

Serving in His Kingdom is the most meaningful endeavor on earth. when we turn aside from this, we are otherwise occupied with mundane things.

At best, they give only a fleeting sort of satisfaction. The result is an unfulfilled life. Lastly, the God-shaped void is empty and no one but Him can fill it.

Things that have no connection to Him will one day cease to matter. True joy, therefore, eludes those who favor them above God’s work.

Those not in His service do not make progress that truly matters. They are stuck in an unending cycle of trial and error because they turned away from the True Lover of their souls.

This begins first in the spiritual. A person that is not in God’s service is spiritually bankrupt. He/she is disconnected from the very source of life. Those not in His service gasp and struggle for His living breath.

This poverty will undeniably reflect in several aspects of their lives. Even if there is physical abundance, it certainly will not solve the pressing problems or stand the test of time. All of it ends here on earth.

God gave the direct commandment for us to serve Him faithfully. Failure to do so amounts to disobedience. In such a case, dwelling with Him in heaven at the end of time thus becomes impossible.

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In what ways can we be of service to God?

God wholeheartedly labored to make sure we have a bright future and glorious hope. Therefore, He expects nothing less from us.

Serving Him acceptably means that we must allow Him to live His life through us. He is full of love, compassion, mercy, and strength; and he desires these from us.

We do not have to worry about how we will achieve these. Meanwhile, we only need to be willing to let Him enable us to great impact.

We can serve God by:

It is high time we stopped making excuses. Never say that you do not have anything to offer or any special skills to contribute. Do not say you have no time.

More so, do not say you wouldn’t have anything to do. Don’t say that no one needs you. God does and so does your generation and those to come.

You have life, so you have something to give. It doesn’t always have to be colossal or earth-shattering.

Basically, it just has to be from a heart completely devoted to God and eager to bring glory to His name. It just has to be done with total trust in and in absolute obedience to Him

This is all He demands. As regards the grace, strength, and resources to do these, we do not need to worry ourselves one bit. We just have to provide the sacrifice, and He will provide the fire to make it worthwhile.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make the world a better place, look no further. Serving God is the answer.


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