Benefits of Praising God: 13 Important

By David •  Updated: 06/09/20 •  11 min read

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Psalm 150: 6 N.I.V

Want to know more about the benefits of praising God? You have come to the right place.

While praising God is something that believers should do, we struggle to do it, especially in those times when everything seems to be working against us.

There are times you may want to praise God but feel empty in your heart. You may try to sing praise music, but all you feel is dryness.

No feelings of love for God, just emptiness. Don’t feel guilty because of that, we all struggle to praise God from time to time.

But what should one do when they don’t feel like praising God? Should they wait until they feel like it, or do you force yourself to praise God in such times?

Your feelings should not determine your praise. We do not praise God when we feel like it; we praise him because he is God.

What does praising God mean?

Praising God means giving him the recognition that he deserves. It means glorifying, boasting, and commending God.  It is a genuine response to the goodness of God.

Why should we Praise God?

God doesn’t need us to praise him. He is complete in and of himself. But why should we praise God?

How to praise God

There is no one way to praise God. We can praise God in church, at home, when we are walking or when we are working.

Praising God should be a continuous process that is why Paul tells us to rejoice always.  So how do we do it?

  1. By lifting hands (Psalm 134:2)
  2. With our words (Hebrews 13:15)
  3. Through songs (Psalm 147:1)
  4. Through fellowshipping with others (Hebrews 2:12)
  5. With dancing and instruments (Psalm 149:3)

We know what praise is, why we should do it, and how to do it. Now, let us look at the benefits of praise.

13 Important Benefits of Praising God.


1. Praise fulfills God’s primary purpose for Creating Man.

Not knowing why you were created is one of the most tragic things in life.

Sadly, most people do not know why they were created. So most of them end up living and unfulfilled lives.

As much as God has given us the freedom to do what we want when we want.

You need to always remember that every choice has its own consequences.

Our primary purpose in this world is to praise God. We need to glorify God, and we do that through praise and worship.

When you spend time praising God, you are actually fulfilling your primary purpose as a human being. ( Psalm 113:3)

You are the sheep of his pasture. As such, you need to glorify Him for who he is and what he has done for you through praise.

2. Praise takes you to God’s presence.

We always end up being stressed and depressed when our focus is on everything but God.

Praising God will take your focus off the things that are stressing you and help you focus on God alone.

Instead of focusing on your problem, start praising God. By doing so, you will be inviting him to your situation.

Being in the presence of God is the best thing that can happen to you. You will start and end your day on a good note.

3. Praising God brings freedom.

Are you going through some challenging times? Do you feel like a prisoner in your own home or job? Are you craving to find freedom?

Paul and Silas had not only been flogged, but they were put in prison for spreading the gospel.

They didn’t know what was going to happen to them the next day. But despite what they went through, Paul and Silas decided to praise God at midnight. (Acts 16:16-40)

As they were praising God, the chains fell off, and prison doors were opened. They chose to focus on God and not the pain they were in or what they had gone through.

Praising God will cause him to break off every chain that is holding you back. When you choose to focus on him and not the wrong things that are going on around you. God will set you free from all those things.

Today, choose to praise God instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

4. Praise destroys the plans of the enemy.

The devil cannot stand it when we praise God. That’s why he will try anything possible to stop you from praising God. He knows that the most powerful Christians are those that praise God.

King Jehoshaphat inquired from God when he heard that the enemies of Israel were coming to attack them.

God assured them of victory and even told them that they were not going to fight that battle.

When the day of battle came, King Jehoshaphat told his people to sing praises to God. (2Chronicles 20)

The most amazing thing happened when they started praising. God, set ambushes against their enemies.

And the enemies were defeated without them fighting the battle just like God had promised them.

Do not fear when the enemy attacks you remember the battle is not yours, it belongs to God.

Stop trying to defeat the enemy with your own strength. Start praising God, knowing that the battle was already won by Jesus at the cross.

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5. Helps us to have Great Self-esteem.

Much as we know that our self-worth is rooted in Christ, we tend to struggle with our self-worth at times.

There are times when you’ll start comparing yourself to other people. Or you may work hard to acquire material things so that you can feel worthy.

Material things can make you feel good about yourself, but they will not change your actual self-worth.

As a child of God, you need to continually remind yourself that your self-esteem is rooted in Christ.

The best way to do that is through praise. One of the benefits of praising God is that it reminds us that we did not choose God, he did.

When you remind yourself of who God is and what he has done for you, you’ll become confident in God. And this will boost your self-worth.

6. Shuts doors of Complaining and Negativity.

I don’t know about you, but I find the act of complaining easier than praising God.  See, complaining makes me feel good about myself.

I always feel like I have made a great accomplishment after complaining. Sadly, it does not take my problems away.

I will still have to face that challenge after I am done complaining.

That is not the only problem with complaining. When you complain, you open up doors for the enemy in your life.

In fact, when you complain, you’re actually standing in agreement with the enemy.

When you praise God, it will be hard for you to waste time complaining and being negative.


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7. Praise is a getaway for God’s blessings.

If you want to experience blessing after blessing in your life, make praise a habit.

God loves it when we put him first before anything. He loves it when we glorify his name even when we have other problems.

When you spend time praising him, he opens up the floodgates of heaven and pours his blessings upon your life.

It could be that you’ve been asking God for something for a very long time, but it has not manifested.

Today choose to praise God as he has already given you that thing instead of going to him to complain.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught his disciples to start prayers with praise.

Do not begin and end our prayers with complaints. Be intentional about praising God even when it hurts.  He will come through for you. (Luke 11:1-13)

8. Strengthens Us.

When Jesus was about to be crucified, he told his disciples to let not their hearts be troubled.

Imagine this, their leader was about to be crucified, and he was going back to the father after the resurrection. Yet he was telling them not to be troubled.

Based on what Jesus told his disciples, we can conclude that we have power over things that trouble our hearts. But let’s be honest, it is difficult for us to not let our hearts be troubled.

It’s easier to sit there and feel sorry for ourselves than to take charge and not let our hearts be troubled.

Thankfully, God has given us the privilege to spend time praising him. When we do that, we take charge of things that trouble our hearts. When you praise God, his peace strengthens your heart.

Instead of it being troubled, you’ll be refreshed and become peaceful.

9. Paves the way for God’s power to be displayed.

Most of us try to fight the enemy with our own strength. But we cannot defeat him because he has been in this world longer than us. 

He knows all the tricks that he can use to pin us down.  We need to rely on Jesus, and He crucified for us to win against the enemy. How do we do that? Through praising God.

When you praise God, you’re telling him that I cannot, but you can. Praise will pave the way for His power to be displayed against your enemies.

10. It releases us from the weight of Sin.

Knowing the benefits of praising God is crucial because none of us is righteous before God.

We all make mistakes. But the thing is mistakes leave us feeling vulnerable. It opens up doors for the enemy to take control of our lives.

Sadly most of us run away from God when we sin instead of running towards him. But here’s the thing when you go to God you enable Him to relieve you of the burden of sin.

When you spend time praising him, he reminds you that he has forgiven.  The Holy Spirit will remind you that there is now no more condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus.

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11. Praise establishes your faith.

When our faith is weak, we find it hard to believe in the promises of God. But the good news is we have a loving father that is always there for us even in our lowest moments. He will not leave us alone.

When you praise God, the Holy Spirit strengthens you in your inner being and establishes your faith.

The more you praise God, the less your problem becomes because God becomes bigger than the problem.

12. Praise chases away despair.

There are times when the enemy strikes us with a spirit of despair.

He keeps telling us how the situation we are in is hopeless so that we can live in defeat.

The word of God tells us that God will give us the oil of gladness instead of mourning.

Meaning that praise always chases away despair. If you want to chase away the blues, then change your focus from self to God.

13. Praise closes demonic doors in our lives.

Some of the things in our lives look great, but they are not from God. The enemy is very cunning. He will try his level best to open up some doors in our lives.

There are generational curses that he wants to establish in your family line. So he will beautify them so that you can fall for his schemes.

Praise will open up your eyes to the truth and cause God to shut those evil doors from your life.


There are many benefits of praising God. God inhabits the praise of his children. We need to make it part of our daily devotional.

Do not praise God only in your good times; praise him even in your bad times.

There is no one way of praising God; it should be a continuous process. Do it while lifting hands, with your words, by singing, or with instruments.

Start your prayers with praise the way Jesus taught his disciples in the Lord’s Prayer.

Praise establishes our faith.  It closes demonic doors in our lives, chases away despair, and releases us from the weight of sin. 

Praising, God will pave the way for God’s power to be displayed.

If the enemy is trying to reinforce some things in your life, praise will squash them.

It will also strengthen you so that you can continue fighting the good fight of faith.



Is an Ordained Minister and Life Coach. He is an ordained minister since 1988. Shortly after receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he answered the call to ministry.