Benefits of Christian Fellowship: 55 Great

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Humans, by nature, are relational beings. The implication of this is that no one can thrive and survive alone. This is also true of the Christian faith. No believer can successfully grow spiritually without interacting with other believers. This interaction with others is called Christian fellowship.

Fellowship is simply the coming together of people of like minds and, to date, remains an important part of the Christian faith. When we come together in fellowship, we learn, support, and encourage one another.

The early Christians demonstrated this in Acts 2:42 (NIV) – they devoted themselves to the teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. This Scripture paints a picture of what fellowship is and how it should be done.

The apostles did not just teach the word and pray; they broke bread together. This means that the gathering of believers goes beyond spiritual benefits. There are also physical, social, and emotional benefits when Christians fellowship together.

In this article, we have outlined 55 benefits of Christian Fellowship. God’s will for you as both a Christian and a son is for you to be complete and perfect. And the truth is no one can achieve perfection in isolation from other believers. We all need one another; that’s why the Bible says iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).

What Is Christian Fellowship?

The word fellowship is derived from the Greek word “koinonia,” which means to share something in common. It is often used to describe the gathering of believers with common faith, belief, and convictions.

In other words, Christian fellowship is the gathering of believers in Christ. Through Christ, we are united with other members of His Body (The Church). This makes us brothers and sisters in the commonwealth of faith. Like communication sustains every human relation, so also is our relationship as brethren in Christ.

In Acts 2:42,46, Luke vividly described what Christian fellowship should be. Evidently, fellowship remains one of the things the early Christians devoted themselves to. In other words, the need for fellowship was one of the reasons they gathered together every day.

They prioritized fellowship with one another and devoted themselves to it because they understood how necessary it was for the growth of their faith. Hence, they were committed to it. Likewise, it is expedient for every Christian who desires spiritual growth to identify with other believers.

The undeniable truth is that when we come together in fellowship, we are encouraged by the journey of faith of other believers. We are also equipped to love and serve God and humanity better.

This is so vital that Apostle Paul admonished us not to neglect the gathering of believers. Hebrews 10:25 (NIV) –  Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing. But encouraging one another – and all the more are you see the day approaching.  

What Does the Bible Say About Christian Fellowship?

To fellowship the right way, knowing what the Bible says about Christian fellowship is important.

Interestingly, Scripture speaks concerning Christian fellowship and its essence with emphasis on:

  1. Relationship

In the New Testament, we see that the believers in the early church had fellowship daily with one another because of their common faith in Christ. Even today, Christ remains the one who binds us all together and invites us to fellowship with one another.

1 Corinthians 1:9 (NIV) says – God who has called you into fellowship with his son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faith. This evidences that biblical fellowship is first a relationship and not merely an activity. It is a relationship that reflects who we are and the faith we profess.

  1. Partnership.

This describes our relationship with other believers: partners with a common objective – preaching the Gospel. Our membership in the Body of Christ makes us co-laborers with Him. We do not only share in the life of Christ; we also partake in His calling.

Hebrews 3:1 (NIV) – Therefore, holy brothers, we share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, the apostle and high priest whom we confess.

In other words, every Christian is a partner and partaker in the ministry of reconciliation with Christ. This gives us a common objective and interest – to reconcile men to God.

  1. Communion

The third thing the Bible says about Christian fellowship is communion. Communion is an interchange among people with a common interest.

In the Christian faith, this includes sharing God’s word, enjoying the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and sharing in the ministry and spiritual gifts of other members of the Body of Christ.

God does not only want us to grow in our relationship with Him. He also desires we grow in other aspects of our lives through fellowship with other believers.

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Here Are 55 Benefits of Christian Fellowship.

  1. Christian fellowship brings improvement as we build one another up every time we come together.
  2. It is a source of encouragement, comfort, and support for God’s people.
  3. As Scripture says that there is fullness of joy in the presence of God, you experience unspeakable joy in Christian fellowship.
  4. It allows you to serve others and be a blessing to many.
  5. Conflict is bound to arise as we relate with people. Likewise, fellowships teach you how to be more patient and tolerant as you relate with other brethren.
  6. You are constantly surrounded by people who genuinely love you and care about your welfare.
  7. Christian fellowship helps you demonstrate your love and reverence for God.
  8. You have the opportunity to minister to others, and you are also ministered to in Christian fellowships.
  9. It gives you room to build lasting friendships with people of the same faith.
  10. You serve as a witness to the world when you fellowship with other believers, thereby expanding God’s kingdom.
  11. It gives you room to demonstrate the love of God to the world.
  12. You receive encouragement during trials from the victories and testimonies of other believers.
  13. The Holy Spirit ministers to your needs when you fellowship in His presence with other Christians.
  14. You gain a deeper understanding of who you are in Christ, which helps you walk in authority as you should.
  15. In Christian fellowships, you learn to let go of offenses and forgive others easily – whether fellow believers or not.
  16. You experience spiritual growth over time with the help of Scriptural teachings.
  17. Your faith undergoes renewal as you listen to the testimony and spiritual progress of others.
  18. You have people who will pull you back when you go astray.
  19. Christian fellowship spurs you toward love and good works.
  20. You learn to judge less, understand, and share in the pain of others.
  21. Through fellowships, you can draw strength from other brethren in challenging times.
  22. As you continue in fellowship, serving God and others, you learn the virtue of humility.
  23. You benefit from mutual instructions, correction, and rebuke.
  24. In times of need, you have other believers’ spiritual, physical, moral, and financial support.
  25. You no longer live in fear or doubt.
  26. You benefit from the spiritual gifts of others.
  27. By boldly identifying with a church and taking part in fellowship with them, you make the Gospel known to the world.
  28. You become stronger each time you fellowship with other believers, regardless of the level of your faith.
  29. Through fellowship, you will gain loyal friends and build lasting relationships.
  30. You experience refreshing moments in God’s presence under a corporate anointing.
  31. Christian fellowship provides you with people you can always turn to for help during challenges.
  32. You enjoy corporate spiritual covering from the wiles of the enemy.
  33. It makes the great commission’s fulfillment possible through a joint effort with other members of the body of Christ.
  34. Christian fellowships instill in you the consciousness of eternity: heaven and hell.
  35. You have people interceding for you always.
  36. Christian fellowships equip you with a good knowledge of God and expose the devil’s lies and deception, thereby setting you up for a victorious Christian living.
  37. It provides opportunities to develop your skills, gifts, and talents.
  38. Your love for God and others wax stronger.
  39. Christian fellowships prepare you for the coming of the Lord.
  40. It gives you room to develop your spiritual gifts.
  41. Brethren whom you can trust without reservation surround you.
  42. Over time, the constant knowledge garnered from Christian fellowships helps you put away the sinful nature and live righteously.
  43. You learn how to please God better and live daily according to His precepts.
  44. Through being committed to a church and fellowship, you identify with Christ and establish your stance as His follower.
  45. In Christian fellowships, your knowledge of God and His word will continuously experience increase.
  46. You enjoy a loving atmosphere where brethren are willing to bear the burden of one another joyfully.
  47. It opens doors to both spiritual and physical blessings.
  48. Your life experiences a transformation and your spirit, a continuous renewal as you draw closer to God through fellowship with God and other believers.
  49. It is a great place to increase in wisdom and the fear of the Lord.
  50. You experience the bond of peace with members of the Household of Faith through fellowship.
  51. Christian fellowship provides you with the opportunity to serve in different capacities. It does not matter if you are only a new convert or have been in the place. There is always a place for everyone to render their services to God and fellow believers.
  52. You enjoy a community of joyful people.
  53. Loneliness becomes a thing of the past as you can access many good people.
  54. God is glorified when we fellowship together. Hence, you can be sure of His blessings in your life.
  55. You develop a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

How to Find a Good Church to Fellowship

Many Christians erroneously believe they don’t need to be a part of a Christian community, fellowship in this case. Some say, “you don’t have to be in a church to be a good Christian .”But this is a lie the devil sells to such Christians to trap them.

While emphasizing the importance of Christian fellowship, Rosaria Butterfield says in The Gospel Comes with a House Key: “Living in a community is not just pleasant, it is life saving. Sin demands isolation. While the church does not inoculate us against sin, it is a sweet balm of safety.”

Also, in life Together, Bonhoeffer further explained the danger of not having fellowship with other believers: “Sin demands to have a man by himself. It withdraws him from the community. The more withdrawn a Christian is from other Christians, the more extractive will be the power of sin over him and the more deeply he becomes involved in it.”

Being a part of a Christian fellowship is very important for every believer. This is because we need other Christians to support, encourage and hold us accountable in our Christian journey. However, finding the right church where you can fellowship and grow spiritually can take time and effort.

When looking out for the right church, it’s expedient to do that prayerfully. You can begin your search for a good church by seeking God’s direction. Proverbs 3:6 (NIV) says – In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.

If you are looking for the ideal church to fellowship, you should consider a church that:

You should look out for a church that pays attention to God’s word, biblical teachings, and prayer seriously (Acts 6:4). These are the basic disciplines that equip and transform the life of every believer. So, every good Christian fellowship must pay attention to teaching the word and prayer.

A church that preaches holiness and godliness is the best place to be. Constant fellowship in a good church will undoubtedly transform your life.

You will experience spiritual growth in a church that is committed to soul-winning.

Finally, when searching for the right church to fellowship, look for a place where you will commit to Christian service.


If you have not enjoyed Christian fellowship before now, now is an excellent time to look for a church and identify with them. When you do this, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of Christian fellowship in this article and more.


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