Benefits of Begin Committed to God: 13 Major

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Commitment to God is a vital area of our lives, as believers. It is indispensable. Nonetheless, we may not find ourselves being so committed very easily. However, we can be highly motivated if we get to understand why we should get committed to God, in the first place.

Hence, this article serves to show us the great benefits of getting committed to God. Furthermore, it addresses some of the consequences, if we are not. Lastly, it shows us how we can enhance our commitment to God. All these will surely bless you.

What are the Benefits of begin committed to God?

Ideally, as human beings, we appreciate people who do things for us, especially when they are very committed. Yet, human beings are not perfect in this.

However, God is better at rewarding us for staying committed to Him. In fact, His rewards to us for our commitments are countless. However, we will go through the major benefits of getting committed to God.

The benefits of being committed to God are:

  1. Experiencing Fruitfulness
  2. Fulfilling God’s Will
  3. Living Christ’s kind of life
  4. Getting God’s Guidance and Leading
  5. Enjoying God’s Grace
  6. Being A True Disciple
  7. Living a life pleasing unto God
  8. Bringing glory to God
  9. Being a blessing to others
  10. Experiencing God’s Intervention in your life
  11. Becoming Vessels unto Honour
  12. Getting Rewards for our commitment while on earth
  13. Getting Rewards for our commitment in heaven
Benefits of Begin Committed to God

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When you choose to become more committed to God, expect to experience more fruitfulness. For instance, we do not expect a farmer who has planted nothing to get fruits during harvest.

However, a farmer who has planted would be expecting to harvest fruits later. In the same vein, staying committed to God is like planting a seed. You can expect it to yield fruit for you. It is a sure way to experience fruitfulness.

Commitment to God is not merely what we choose to do or not. It is actually the will of God for us.

Therefore, devoting ourselves much more to God makes one fulfill the will of God. Indeed, it is such a beautiful thing to be someone who does the will of God. Thus, a great benefit of staying committed to God is getting to fulfill God’s perfect will.

One of the most desirable things for us as Christians is to live like Christ. As a result, we seek to do this in different ways.

Fortunately, the life of our Lord Jesus Christ has a lot to reveal to us. We see that Christ was fully committed to God while on earth. Similarly, a great benefit of staying committed to God is that it makes us live like Christ. Truly, that’s so beautiful.

Our commitments could be a good pointer to what drives our lives. The more we are very committed to God, the more we are receptive to Him.

By virtue of this, we receive God’s leading and guidance. We will find ourselves more attuned to God’s voice. This will make us highly equipped in doing the right things at the right times.

Most times, many people get confused and may not know what to do. However, the story is different for those who stay committed to God. They are able to know what to do in every situation as they listen to God.

Humility before God is an integral part of commitment to God. Becoming committed to God requires that you are humble before Him. Interestingly, the Bible makes us realize there is a reward from God for this.

What is this reward? God gives grace to those who are humble (1 Peter 5:5). Hence, God’s grace is available for those who humble Him. Commitment to God therefore affords one the opportunity of enjoying God’s Grace.

Jesus Christ showed us how we would enjoy the privilege of being His true disciple. It is by getting committed to God. Being a true disciple of Jesus distinguishes us from those who are not. However, this distinction is a function of our commitment to God.

Of course, there are several challenges on our way. There are various situations we have to face. It is by staying committed enough, that we would be able to stay. Then, we can reap the rewards that accrue to a true disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It should be in our consciousness at all times, to please God. This is how we can best live our lives.

However, we cannot expect to please God without becoming committed to Him. Our commitment to God puts us in the best position to please Him. We should be glad to get to committed to God much more. It is a sure way to live a life well-pleasing unto Him.

There are certain things we do, which can bring glory to God. Our commitment to God is one of them.

Our commitment to God reflect in many good works that we do. Thus, Jesus said people will glorify God through us when they see our good works. It is therefore a delight to be a channel through which God gets glorified. Truly, getting and staying committed to God pays.

We cannot say we are really committed to God and not be very helpful to others. There are many people whom God has put in our paths. If we stay committed to Him, He will love us to reach out to such people. He wants us to be channels of blessings to other people.

Thus, our commitment to God is greatly reflected in our lives and in the lives of those around us. This is a huge benefit which should encourage us to remain very committed to Him.

While God is all-powerful, it is not everybody that makes the best use of His power in their lives. At times, people may try figuring things out on their own. As a result, they might not involve God well enough in the affairs of their lives. This could limit how much God could intervene in their lives.

On the other hand, when we get committed to God, we will set out eyes on Him. We will trust Him to help us in every way. This will therefore open up the opportunity for God to intervene immensely in our lives.

The usability of a vessel would determine what we use it for. Similarly, how much we make ourselves available and useful for God, would determine the kind of vessel we would be.

For instance, when we make ourselves ready as those who God could use, He will work through us. And it will forever be a thing of joy, that we are vessels unto honor, for God.

Our God is such a loving Father. He sees all that we do for Him and He cannot but reward us for it. While on earth, God Himself will reward us for everything we do.

The Bible has assured us that our labour of love is never in vain. Our sacrifices, efforts and commitments will not go unnoticed. The benefits will continually keep unfolding as we continue giving ourselves to the Lord.

There are different descriptions in the Bible about heaven. One of them is that heaven is a place of rewards. While there are rewards for our commitments here on earth, there are rewards in heaven as well.

It will be so glorious when God acknowledges us in heaven for the things we have done while on earth. This is a great motivation for us, to keep the fire burning.

Committed to God

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Not being begin Committed to God Leads to:

1) Missing out on the rewards:

The rewards of getting committed to God are enormous. Hence, we could miss out on them if we are not committed as we ought to be. God is faithful to reward our faithfulness. The ball is then in our courts to seek to please and be totally committed to Him.

2) Being Less Useful:

There are many people God will have us do. These could people we are to help or activities we are to do. However, when we are not committed to Him enough, we might therefore not be maximally useful to Him as He desires.

3) Not maximally fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives:

God’s purpose for our lives is beautiful. However, we cannot fulfill it on our own. We need to follow Him keenly so as to get to our expected destination. Thus, we need to get committed to Him if we want to realize His purpose for our lives fully.

4) Limitation in what we can do: When we are not committed to God, we will most likely resort to doing things in our own way. However, since human beings have limitations, this would hinder a lot of things.

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How to be Committed to God.

We have to be intentional about our commitment to God. In order to achieve this, there are certain actions we need to take. Some of the major ones are below.



We do this primarily by studying the Bible and  listening to Bible-based sermons, books or other materials.

This involves investing our time, energy and resources in God’s work. It is a huge sacrifice which we just have to make, if we will be truly committed to God.

We should not just do things on our own. Let us involve God in all we do. Always seek His counsel and allow Him lead the way.


We need to take up the responsibility and get much more committed to God. The Bible tells us that He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:3).

However, we cannot expect to reap these blessings if we are not committed to the source from which these blessings flow. God is ready to help us if we will make the effort to get much more committed to Him.


Is an Ordained Minister and Life Coach. He is an ordained minister since 1988. Shortly after receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he answered the call to ministry.

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