13 Awesome Signs God is Transitioning You

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The life of every individual on earth is marked by life and seasons. A wise person understands the different seasons of his life. This understanding guides his actions and attitude when through the different seasons.

By His plans for our lives, God takes us through seasons of change. These periods of change in season and time are known as transitioning. Transitioning is a period of significant change or turnaround. Cambridge dictionary defines it as “a change from one form or type to another, or the process by which this happens.

Two things stand out from this definition: one, transitioning brings about complete change. You go from one form or situation to another. Two, transitioning is a process. In other words, transitioning does not just happen.

God does not just bring you to the limelight. He takes His time to prepare you before bringing you to the limelight – like David. Unfortunately, many believers are unwilling to go through the process of change.

This may be because they need to understand seasons. Or they need to understand that God is trying to transition them. Understanding times and seasons equips you with the right mindset and attitude. It helps you endure the moment’s challenge, knowing that greater glory is ahead.

In this article:13 signs, God is transitioning you; we will walk you through how to dictate this season. When you begin to see them in your life, it may be a clue that your season is about to change.

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How to Know When God is Transitioning You.


Ecclesiastics 3:1-9 (NIV) – There is time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. This Scripture reminds us that life consists of cycles and seasons and connotes that nothing lasts forever.

Change is the only constant thing in life. Hence, we must learn to embrace it and allow God to lead us through the different phases of our lives.

However, it can be challenging to accept change. We sometimes become comfortable and confident with our current state and refuse to move from there. This makes us ignorant and insensitive to the signs in our lives that show that God is transitioning us. When God is ready to move you to the next phase of life, He nudges you toward it.

Unfortunately, only a few of us are discerning enough to understand these nudges. So here are some pointers to help you know when God is transitioning you.

God is transitioning you when:

  1. His Training/Equipping Changes.

When the Lord calls you for an assignment, He equips you for it. So, when His provisions start to dwindle, it’s time to evaluate if your assignment and calling or their level have shifted.

When the children of Israel entered a new season, God stopped supplying them with manna (see Joshua 5:12). If this is your current situation, then you need to seek the face of God and get guidance and direction.

  1. You Have a Nagging Thought/ Feeling.

The Holy Spirit directs us by constantly nudging our minds toward a particular direction. This may come in the form of a persistent thought or a feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction. This is particularly true for those with an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.

As you continue in fellowship with Him, He fills your heart with dissatisfaction with the present. He also fills you with a longing for something more. If this continues for an extended period, you may need to retreat to get clarity.

  1. He Sends Men Before You.

Another way you can know God is transitioning you is that He prepares men for your next season. God prepares men’s hearts and makes them willing to help you. He also sends resources in line with the new assignment/task He has for you. Wherever He sends you, He makes adequate provision for you.

  1. Change of Passion.

When you suddenly start becoming passionate about something, this may be a pointer that God is about to transition you.

  1. Confirmation Through Those Spiritually Higher Than You.

God uses spiritual authorities and godly counsels from people to confirm His word. Proverbs 11:14 (NIV) – for lack of guidance, a nation fails, but victory is won through many advisers. So, as you trust God for direction, you must be attentive to godly counsel.

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13 Signs God is Transitioning You.

It is often easy to detect signs and seasons in nature. They are usually obvious even to the blind. Unfortunately, it is not so evident to us when seasons are about to change in our lives. This is because we need to know the signs to look out for.

So, here are 13 signs God is transitioning you. If you are experiencing some of these signs currently, it may be a confirmation that God is taking you to a new season.

1. Closed Doors.

You are out of grace when you are outside of God’s will. God only makes provision for assignments and tasks that He is involved with.

So, one of the many ways you would know God is transitioning you is that you may suddenly begin to experience closed doors in certain aspects of your life. You may begin to struggle to have things that had always come easy for you.

A perfect example of a man who experienced a closed door was Jonah. God asked him to preach to the people of Nineveh; this was his assignment for the season. But he didn’t want to because he believed the people didn’t deserve forgiveness.

So, he tried to flee from what God wanted him to do. His efforts to flee were met with continued opposition. As a result, he landed in the belly of a fish that brought him into God’s plan.

Jonah eventually carried out the will of God. He had tremendous results even though he did it begrudgingly. Are you experiencing closed doors and struggles? This may be a sign that God is trying to get your attention to move you into His plan.

2. When Divine Provision Ceases.

Another sign that God may be pushing you to move from a season is that His provision may dwindle. We see this play out in Kings 17:1-7. For a season, God hid Elijah by a brook and provided for him there. But when the time for him to move in another direction came, God’s provisions ceased.

We tend to be comfortable in certain seasons of our lives. So, sometimes God withholds divine provision to push us into the next level of our lives. This period may be challenging because you will be stretched and expected to step out of your comfort zone. But when you understand this and yield to God’s leading, the result is bound to be profound.

3. When You Experience Fear About Taking A Certain Step.

A third sign that God is moving you in another phase of your life is that you may experience fear about taking a specific step. Fear, in most cases, represents a lack of trust and faith in God. But in other cases, it could be a result of the change.

Be careful when you fear taking a step you know you must take. Fear is a tool the devil uses to stop us from walking in the right direction. Hence, it would be best if you did not give in to it.

Many men God used in biblical times experienced fear when God called them. This is especially true for Moses and Joshua. But despite their fears, they moved with God, and He brought deliverance to Israel through them (See Exodus 3:12, Joshua 1:9).

4. Challenges

The pain of challenges has always brought about a change of season for many people. This does not mean that God deliberately brings problems our way. God doesn’t tempt or try us. But He allows some life challenges to prepare us for another season.

Therefore, when facing a life crisis, be hopeful that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Approach your problem with a positive mindset and open your heart to learn from it. Everything God allows in our lives; He does for a reason.

5. Nagging Questions About Your Situation Arise in Your Mind.

Transitioning situations compels you to ask a lot of questions about life. This is because you may encounter situations that are beyond your understanding. The only way to understand them is when you turn to God in humility. He will instruct your heart and order your step into your new season.

6. Restlessness

Uneasiness and restlessness are always the first signs you get when God is transitioning you. This is God’s way of preparing you for a change. He instills in you a deep dissatisfaction even when everything around you appears fine.

For instance, you may have a good job or a great relationship and still feel like something is missing. When you feel this way, it’s a pointer that God has something better for you. He will guide you into it if you allow Him.

7. A Sudden Burden in Your Heart.

God may stir you toward a new season by putting a burden on your heart. A sudden burden in your heart could indicate that God is calling you into something new. Most times, when you have these burdens, you lose your peace.

So, when you start sensing a specific burden, you should turn to God for clarity and direction.

8. Change in Relationships.

You must understand that God brings certain people into our lives at different times and for various purposes. So, it is natural to experience a relationship shift when entering a new season. When you sense a friendship or relationship ending, please do not force it. Refrain from resisting the change because this might signify that you are moving into a new season.

9. Things Falling Apart.

If things are falling apart in your life, it could be a sign that God has something better for you. When God wants to take you to a new level, He causes you to undergo a process of intense change. This will require letting go of some aspects of your life and relationships.

This is necessary because you may not need those things or people where He is taking you. If God continues to allow them, they may only distract you or hold you back. God knows what you need for every season of your life. So, if he is taking something out of your life, then He is bringing you to something better.

10. Confusion

As odd as it sounds, confusion can be a sign that God is positioning you for transformation. Confusion can force you out of your comfort zone as you try to make sense of life. Again, confusion forces you to surrender and rely on God.

Proverbs 3:5- 6 9 (NIV) – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

11. Change of Perspective.

When God is transitioning you to a new season, He renews your mind. He gives you a fresh perspective of life that aligns with your new season. He makes you see things differently, with deeper understanding and meaning.

A change in perspective will eventually lead to the loss of friendships and relationships and loss of interest in things you once loved. It can also make major changes in character, decisions, and career.

12. Divine Confirmation.

God always confirms His word. One of the ways He does this is by giving you peace. He fills your heart with peace and puts you at ease in your new season.

He can also send words of confirmation through godly counsels, the Bible, and even sermons. If you have ever felt your pastor was speaking to you during a service, this might be God confirming His word to you.

13. When God is Speaking to You.

As we continue in our walk with God, we come to learn and discern how He speaks to us. God speaks to some through His word, a vision or dream, or even an inner witness.

When God is transitioning you, He sends will speak to you in the way you would understand. Not every season of transition requires dramatic signs. For some seasons, all you need is to hear God’s instruction and follow in obedience.

Many believers want to see many signs before moving, even when God has spoken to them. But God may only give you a sign once you have taken a step of faith in obedience.


It is easier to endure a challenging situation when you know why you are in it. Christ was able to endure the suffering of the cross because He knew there was glory ahead. So, He set His mind on the glory rather than His pains.

In the same way, seasons of life will be easier to navigate when you have a better understating of times and seasons. So, pay attention to these signs God is transitioning you. Let them prepare your mind and heart for each season of your life.


Is an Ordained Minister and Life Coach. He is an ordained minister since 1988. Shortly after receiving Jesus as his personal savior, he answered the call to ministry.

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